Scarlet Street (Color Song #2)

Scarlet Street (Color Song #2)

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Liner Notes: 

The second of my planned "color" songs. The title is a Film Noir movie from the 1940's starring Edward G Robinson


Scarlet Street

On Scarlet Street
The women paint their faces
Labeled as bad
And kept in their places
The men that use them
Put them through their paces
The women of Scarlet Street
Lacking in social graces

On Scarlet Street
Sin’s the name of the game
Men gamble their lives
Depravity knows their name
No wickedness too low
No vice too tame
The men of Scarlet Street
Only themselves to blame

Red with shame on Scarlet Street
Blood runs down the drain on Scarlet Street

On Scarlet Street
No lights pierce the skies
The moon doesn’t shine
The stars close their eyes
Listen, listen
You can hear the cries
On Scarlet Street
Everything you despise

No rubies or roses on Scarlet Street
Every door closes on Scarlet Street

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Sounds like a rough place, this Scarlet Street.
I like your arrangement idea a lot here. The tune works really well too.

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this is a fabulous song, but it seems to be taking place somewhere more like Dylans Scarlet Town than on the scarlet streets of Fritz Langs remake of Renoirs 1931 film, La Chienne, Your vocals are tremendous throughout and kept me spellbound.

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I love how you found inspiration in an unusual place! Cool use of rhyme and imagery to paint a scene. I dig the rocking vibe and I like the instrumentation you got going on. Wonderful piano playing gluing the tracks together

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Gorgeous vocals and great story. Takes me back to stories from the distant past.

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The repeated use of the colour red in the imagery is well chosen; it would have been tempting to work in a reference to scarlet women, I'm sure. The song works better for not doing so, IMO. Great song!

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The stars close their rubies or roses....nice visuals and descriptors, you really make the song embrace the red/scarlet idea, nice write and the melody does feel angsty and mysterious.