Still i’ll try again

Still i’ll try again

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Liner Notes: 

Too early for music, maybe later


I’ll Still try again

V1 I made a mistake in trusting you
I should have stayed alert
If i had played it differently
I guess i wouldn’t hurt

V2 But sometimes you just have to
take a chance on friends
go along for the ride
no matter how it ends

C Still I’m going to try again
Still i don’t know why
Guess its better to love and lose
Than to never ever try

V3 Boredom is my nemesis
Plays to all my fears
Rather take a chance again
Even if it ends in tears

V4 I cant stay closed all the time
I have too much to share
I know ill take a risk again
Its like a game of dare

C Still I’m going to try again
Still i don’t know why
Guess its better to love and lose
Than to never ever try

B life is full of mysteries
Of all those twists and turns
But you have to put in a lot
If you want to get returns

V5 When this journey nears the end
I ll look back with no regret
Its the people who made it special
Thats what i wont forget

V6 So. If i can offer some advice
Dont worry about the odd scar
Take a risk let others in
Stay true to who you are

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Still I'm going to comment here... Wink
Nice lyric and I like how you've used the word still!

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A great moral based story song that stays on point throughout. I like the way you developed this from start to finish revealing more and more of your message.

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Very creative way of using still prompt. I like your lyrics. Now I'm eargely waiting to hear it. Please let me know when your demo is up.

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Creative and I love seeing all the ways we can use one word!

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A good philosophical take on the prompt. That's a real positive attitude to have.

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Great message in the well crafted musing about life’s love lessons. Really flows well and has a lovely wisdom and insight that is conveyed.

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Nice development between verses - has a pleasant arc to it. I'm really curious about whether the verses are quick affairs or more drawn out in your thoughts about this piece.

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A whole lotta philosophy packed tightly in this lyric. The music will be interesting.

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Better to have loved and lost - indeed! You have some fine lines here.

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nice expansion of the old maxim. some lovely lines, i like v4 with the game of dare in particular. nice skirmish

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Great use of the prompt. Lovely flowing lyrics and great theme to tie the story to.

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I just really like this. Nothing wrong with a little recovery time between, but it is worth the risk and like you, I'd do it again. Just wearing sneakers, not sandals over the crags.