Meet Me at the Still

Meet Me at the Still

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Liner Notes: 

I've been thinking of writing a song about stillness and sitting still, so when I saw Corinne's prompt I was inclined to go that way.
But lately I've been teaching my daughter Irish folk songs on the ukulele, so I went another direction ...


Oh, won’t you meet me in the woods?
Time is right and I got the goods
We’ll fill up some jars look up at the stars
Oh, won’t you meet me at the still?

Way out off an unmarked trail
Doncha worry – we never go to jail
We’ll pitch some tents
We’ll talk nonsense
Oh, won’t you meet me at the still?

Whoa, couple of sips will set you free
We call it Butler County Tea
Made from fruit off the family tree
Aunt Bea’s recipe

Look for a shed – used to be a barn
All that’s left of the family farm
Don’t get too sad – good times to be had
Oh won’t you meet me at the still?
Might see the ghost of Uncle Bill
Oh won’t you meet me at the still

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When I saw the theme, I wondered if I should go that direction with the word 'still'-- glad you did! Fun write.
Great energy.

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Cant lose me with a harmonica! As a person who actually has one, suprised it didnt dawn on me! Well played!

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Now this one kept me grinnin' all the way through. I live in rural Kentucky so I'm sure there's one up in these woods somewhere. Great skirmish.

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There's that harmonica!
You always have such catchyness and rhythm with just your guitar and voice (and harmonica).
The mix of old bygone memories which might the person sad, with the buzz and excitement of the new moonshine to be consumed lol
Track sounds good, too. Musicianship and vocals, both.
Very cool use of 'still'.

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I thought about this kind of still-but went another way and this harmonica and is perfect! I love it.

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Uncle Bill O'Riley will definitely approve!

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I had a feeling someone was going to use the prompt "still" just as you have! Smile These are fun and sweet lyrics and music. Nice old timey feel

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Lovely harmonica, simple lyrics, wonderful lilting singing - beautiful, Chip!

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always a tough choice between harmonium meditation and guitar/harmonica moonshine LOL

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Really great story here - you say a lot with few words.
I'm liking the active guitar.
Nice harmonica work, too.
Good one, Chip!