Still Have that Bunny

Still Have that Bunny

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Liner Notes: 

Relationships are complex when:
- children are involved
- shared pets are involved

This song is about an unscrupulous character who uses a bunny in an attempt to reunite with a past flame. Done for the Sunday, July 28 skirmish!


I'm still into you
I know that might sound funny
because I'm totally guilty of getting
tripped up with my words

I'm still into you
and we still have that bunny
I know that might sound weird because
we didn't have one when you were last here

Help me take care of this rabbit
because I may have gotten of the habit
yeah yeah yeah

Help me take care of this bunny
so come on back and be my honey yeah
help me keep this bunny in good health

I'm not saying
that it's your responsibility
but if you understood
all the eventual actualities

you might understand that this bunny's got no chance
without you in my life
plus mebbe we'll have some good times
this really isn't just a bribe

Help me take care of this rabbit
because I may have gotten of the habit
yeah yeah yeah

Help me take care of this bunny
so come on back and be my honey yeah
help me keep this bunny in good health

okay it's totally a bribe, you got me
I just really wanted you back, and I thought a pet would be a good idea
I realize now that this was a horrible mistake
and probably won't work

but I wrote this song anyway, because what the heck
for the bunny's sake, and for mine, I might as well try
so come on back, and help me take care of this bunny, please
I don't know what I'm going to do

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What a fun song! Very interesting and creative take on the challenge. Catchy, upbeat, memorable and a pleasure to listen to. I couldn't stop smiling. Wanted to join in singing but I know I'd spoil your song lol. I can imagine though your song as sing along. I like it how you change to speaking too. Great fun!

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I don't know how you can put together this sort of groove in just an hour but you do, apparently.. and it works. The lyrics are just amazingly funny but with a sad-sack vibe to them.

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Ha!!! What a great and unique take on the skirmish. I love the background music! I love the quirkiness and the fun chorus. I’ve heard of a lot of ploys to woo someone back, but bunny care is a first! Love this!

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Good skirmish the beat really drives this interesting lyric along!

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What an inside look at an absurd situation. The music works with the whole idea. Good skirmish.

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Oh this music!
LOVE the pads and the melodic little rhythm playing along with the bass. Sounds so good to my ears. what you're saying is it MIGHT be a bad MIGHT actually work...I'M GONNA TRY IT MYSELF! lol jk
Awesome take on the prompt and just a funny but clever write all around.
Love the delivery.
I love how you use the surely imminent demise of the cute cuddly bunny unless they come back to you as the lure lol

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What a quirky and funny (bunny) song. Very original take on the prompt

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and even more complex with sorta wannabe shared bunnies Smile Quirky, yeah. Interesting ending too.

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So delightfully catchy and weird! Clever wordplay, fun vocal that combines storytelling, melody, and sly drama. And those synth sounds are dreamy and wonderful. Great skirmish!

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Haha, I know people this would totally work on. In fact, my next door neighbor had a similar situation with a dog and a heroin addict-- let's just leave that there. In any case, delightful tune and BTW, your voice is very nice indeed.

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love that airy sound little motif throughout the verses, right from the intro. such a full production, amazing for a skirmish. love the bunny concept, the talky bit at the end is great. top work!