'I'm Still in Disbelief'

'I'm Still in Disbelief'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for the inspiration. I wrote lyrics, then recorded my piano. All within an hour but ran over time trying to find the picture.


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The sadness of the lyrics is well reflected in the piano part. Lovely work Nadia, on both counts. What sort of vocalist are you looking for?

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The lyrics and the music match up so beautifully to fill the souls and heart with a tender sadness. Beautifully rendered.

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The melody sets the mood wonderfully. The lyric leaves us wondering for a while. Well done.

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Lovely piece! Matches the prompt perfectly. I am playing keyboards for hours everyday to try and up speed and i realise how hard it is to sound fresh and authentic like this!

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I try to avoid pieces about loss lately; close to home for me.
But I always enjoy your songs and this is no exception.
Lovely piano...a stillness to it in itself.
The lyrics are full of lament and grief of loss; and nice use of "still" with different meanings.
Beautiful piece as always.

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Beautiful sad, music which match the lyrical content. I like how you used two meanings of "still"

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Lovely piano throughout - interesting to hear where the melody might go with the lyrics that you've written. Such a thoughtful piece, a wonderful interlude for my day today.

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Beautiful mood capturing music as always. Wonderful skirmish.

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I love the cinematic quality of your playing! So evocative. The chords changes take me on a journey of sound. There is this groundless sense throughout which supports the title beautifully.

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Oh this is so achingly sad. Your lyrics go perfectly with the longing of the piano.