A Melody So Beautiful

A Melody So Beautiful

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday night skirmish theme: Still

This was a 35 minute write, with no editing at all. Just my thoughts and fantasy rambling across the page.

I doubt it's singable... but definitely traditional folk style

Maybe later I'll rewrite it into more of a singable song.

UPDATE 7th Sept: @Dragondreams has very kindly offered to collab on this one Smile I can't wait Smile

Further update: DD sez - I found Amanda's words a joy to work with! The music and performance was all completed in under an hour this morning!


Generous trees fill the void
Beneath the realm
And the earth from which they grow
Is clean
The silence that surrounds this space
Is said to overwhelm
But if, like me,
You've eons of the kin
And sprouted from
The very same yellow dirt
You're named the Gurnth of Glasnian
And live in all the elm

The silence is what gives
this place its mastery
A soundless peace
with noiseless birdsong
Imagined in all it's tuneful song
It glories and is still
Mauve flowers burst
and scented bloom pervades
Perfume swirling up
and reaching for the realm
The void is filled with senses rich
A soporific pill

But underneath the shallow still
Lie lurking things to overkill
An underworld of monsters dark
Who move so slow
But with eyes sharp
To pick out prey and zero in
Not caring if it kith or kin

The elemental nothingness
Is primal in it's silence
But stillness gives us half a chance
To hide from hungry tyrants

Ginormous trees reach up
into the void and sing
Without a noise
such is their sonic skill
A melody so beautiful
Is said to overwhelm
The silence and the still melodic air

A melody so beautiful
Is said to overwhelm
The silence and the still melodic air

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wow, that's a really amazing lyric. Lots of imagery-- you've painted a picture for your reader here! Needs some celtic-tinged music to accompany it I think.

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This is beautiful. Definitely singable and musifiable Smile Well done on the skirmish!

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderfully vivid and poetic images create a magical and reflective thought space. Perfect lyric for the skirmish!

JWHanberry's picture

This could be an interesting aleatory piece. It's a beautiful lyric. I live out in the woods with the birds and nasty critters so it makes perfect sense to me.

coolparadiso's picture

Very imaginative writing and you even snuck in a ginormous! Kudos for that! Very poetic!

splittybooms's picture

You use beautiful words.
And its never like "hey look, I have a great vocabulary!"... Instead it adds so much depth and polish in my opinion.
Didn't expect this to go this way, toward fantasy cause I read the lyrics before the tags. I ended up very glad it did as its a very vivid world you've created.
I can feel the danger, the serene, the quiet and stillness.
I almost feel like this could be spoken word set to some beautiful but minimal...well i dunno....some kind of music lol
Awesome writing as always...geez!

spirulence's picture

I get an Enya vibe when I start to hear music in my head for this - needs some traditional instruments and sweeping strings, beyond my ken to pull something like this off. I think you've written something very singable here, actually - just needs a slow, varied take on the words to work.

"Mauve flowers burst" is my favorite section here.

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You and I seem to have been on the same wavelength with our imagery, though your lyrics are much fuller and descriptive. The last refrain (last 3 lines) are definitely singable!

Dragondreams's picture

Oh boy. I love this one! Smile
Can I have a go at a spoken word piece for this one please? xxx

metalfoot's picture

What an interesting and fascinating musical soundscape, DD. Nice collab!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful song and collaboration, music is inspired by lyrics nd the song is very inspiring. Very cool fantasy.

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...wow, the first part a bit over my head...let's keep going. The next section is very clear and I follow and like a lot. An underworld of monsters dark...that's heavy...nice. I'm starting to get the scene clearly now and it is about the underworld. More fancy writing in the next section. the last section is terrific and really brings the message home. Well done Amanda! I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Not sure what this is...sounds underworld...some kind of percussions...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...perfect voice for this lyrics...reminds me of Moody Blues drummer...piano now...yes, piano riff makes a big difference...the void is filled with....keys on the left and center now...percussion consistent....vocals and lyrics dominate....fuller sound now...synth full sound...changeup on the synth now....narrowing of sound....percussion is back...a melody so beautiful....a melody so beautiful ....the still melodic world...female vocal sample...and out. Yeah, perfect match for this Dragon...I like it a lot. You did good...both.