Magical Brownies

Magical Brownies

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Liner Notes: 


From Sonya Heller’s awesome “Apocalyptic Cupcakes”

I don’t have the musical skills or vocal ability that Sonya has but did my best with GB and iPad as my friend. I morphed the lyrics to take from a darker apocalyptic cupcake to a magical brownie in part to recognize a women’s weed camp I read about that is in the Southwest, which they say is one of the most relaxing and diverse women’s camps around!

Anyway I morphed about 50% of the lyrics, keeping the chorus very close to the original. I tried to use a similar genre and chord progression as Sonya did. Thank to Val Cox for helping me (giving me) the chord progression she heard. But the music is definitely at least 50% morphed as I could not sing the gorgeous melodies Sonja had.

Onward in the morphing chain!

- (Sonya’s morph from John Crossman) (c)2019


Magical Brownies

Elizabeth Petty - Sonya Heller - (Sonya’s morph from John Crossman) (c)2019

light after the dawn
opens veils of curtains around my soul
I toss off blankets and darkness
for awakening and shake off nightmares too
turn off the snooze alarm
and rise up to seek sweet oblivion ...
when I hear morning birds see chipmunks play
my head bops in time
eyes wide open I see the
bright light morning
I scramble to the
kitchen wondering

(If I've been shown, what I don't know)
is it the truth and if it's so (and so)
1 part reason, 1 part rhyme
I won’t be leaving, if I’m high

Take my morning brew
cup of more energy
always strong enough
to let insights in
opportunity grows cloaked in tasty pies
of wild satisfaction mind blowing reactions..
I run open the pantry door
find all the recipes recipes of happiness
written on the wall magical brownies
spiked in the batter with
a tablespoon of joy
an ounce of delight

(I've been shown what I don't know)
is it the truth and if it's so (and so)
1 part rhyme, 1 part reason
if I’m high, I won’t be leaving

magical brownies
chase away the tears
magical brownies
chase away the fears
I've been shown, what now I know
these are truths and these are so (and so)
3 parts rhyme, 1 part reason
Now that I’m high
I’m never leaving

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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! I read the lyrics first and knew I was in for a great ride! Great indie/pop beats and effects, cool cannabis reverb settings on your vocals :0) Loved your twist into the delicious delights of magical brownies in the chorus.
I seriously cracked up at:
Now that I’m high
I’m never leaving
Awesome Morph Sister!

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Is there really a women's weed camp? Well there you go. I'm sure it's very laid back, or possibly a little paranoid. Smile I agree with sunnymae about the reverb. Gives it that swirly high sound. Could also work with a song about 'shrooms. Smile

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Fantastic tone you're getting on that guitar there. I'm going to have to read up on what these "morph chains" are, but in this case you've really come up with something good. Really enjoyed it!

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That driving rhythm gives the song an almost tribal feel going through it. I can just imagine stoned women dancing around a campfire. Sounds fun Smile

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I came for the title and stayed for the fabouless(ness) . Great collab