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Liner Notes: 

It is what it is, whatever that is...but it's not entirely serious


I have never used a pen from start to finish
I've not once stood facing backwards on the stairs
I have never put away a summer outfit
Merely wrapped it in a coat when winter nears

I have never seen a vampire through a telescope
Or praised the haircut of an uncle passed
I have never ever counted to a thousand
Though I'm confident I could, could I be arsed

I have never seen a fireman save a kitty
Nor seen the smile of one who got the cream
And though I spend my waking hours upon it
I've not once used my computer in a dream

I have never heard the door-knock of an atheist
Or found the God of nations at my feet
I've never licked my brush for washing dishes
Though I rub it on the plates from whence I eat

I've never seen a sign be read in braille
I've not stepped in the same dry river twice
I'll never find the drug that fixes cancer
In humankind alone, but not in mice

I'll never write the hit that tops the forty
Or be the greatest thing since who-knows when
And now you've reached this little song's conclusion
You'll likely never play this one again

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Oh I have been waiting for this one! Stephen is a master at these types of songs and I knew you'd make it into a catchy and fun song! Bravo!

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Oh lovely bounce to the music and the whoa-oh chorus is a nice touch!

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This is utterly charming and delightful—vivid, catchy, and weirdly thought-provoking. I’ve never used a pen from start to finish either

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Love the wandering thought stem, and yet it has a bouncy order that makes sense ! I really enjoyed listening to this one Smile

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Me, having written the lyrics: This is rubbish.

Me, having heard what TPA did with the lyrics: This is *not* rubbish.

I'm eternally grateful for 5090, without which humankind would struggle to find the motivation to create something this weird.

A big thank you, @the pannacotta army, for a brilliant job here. You never fail to lift me up with your deft use of 'who-oah', and the overall treatment and effort affords the lyrics a dignity that I struggle to accept they deserve :P

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Humble indeed but i thought the lyrics were really cool when i heard them! Musically well what to say! Everything the PA touch is gold. Fantastic stuff! This will get more listens.

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Beautifully performance/playing/instrumention/production/singing. Dang, everything about this track is executed with professional precision. I love the bouncy gypsy vibe. The diddly piano bits in the background and so good and yet hidden in the back of the mix. Lyrically, I'm so amused and moved by the clever philosophical bites. Thanks for the entertaining listen and ideas to chew on.

benjo's picture

Oh man this is stunning
the music put to this is outstanding
catchy, ear worm couldn't geg it out oc my head
and the lyric makes you listen
so many great lines
what a collab
Loved ghis one guys well done

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Tin Pan Alley with a little doowop and gypsy jazz for flavour. This is a brilliant collab. A great way to start my morning.

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love the Italian feel too this song, at the start, I had to get to the end for the joke line, nice work.

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well, a lyric is a lyric, and a wo-oh is a wo-oh - the light-hearted treatment is spot on
classic collab!