One And A Quarter

One And A Quarter

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Liner Notes: 

Feeling pleasantly chilled on this Sunday afternoon. Pleased with this one.

There's a *lot* of synth layering going on here. MIDI instruments used include emulations of both the Fairlight CMI and New England Digital's Synclavier, but the results sound deceptively simple. Just as they should!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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those drums give the feel of a chase. i like the way the lead guitar comes in, like the way carlos santana might make an entrance.

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The drums made me think of a city intersection with pedestrians crossing at several angles and the camera is set at warp-speed. Cool Carlos Santana comment by Bill. Just watched Carlos’ Master Class and he was so inspiring, I almost wanted to pick up my electric guitar and actually play it.

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Fun smooth sound layering, and I love the 5/4 meter. Just quirky enough to make things very interesting without being distracting.

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Interesting start....synth now...sounds spacey...guitar reverb and crunch....sounds good and quite moody. I'm trying figure out if that 4/4 time...not sure but I'm hearing more of the guitar moving up the bass coming in now. Kind of Pink Floyd sounding...I think. Good mix. Fade out nice. Great job on a Sunday afternoon, I like it.

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yep def a floydy kinda mellow. floaty on the top, drivey in the bass and drums. lovely stuff

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The main groove is very smooth. Not something I've found easy in 5/4. The subtle change at 1:18 sets up the guitar breakdown at 1:35. Then we get back on the train and off into the sunset. Quite a compelling piece. Thanks for posting on the odd meter thread.