Looking Back

Looking Back

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Liner Notes: 

Chip: I did music for three great sets of lyrics by @srcoops in FAWM. What a gift with words! It's a delight singing them.
This one really touched me. 60 years married? Wow! My wife and I are nearing 22, and we're in for the long haul, too.


Looking Back

Sometimes I think
About the past
And how the years
Have gone so fast

I savor thoughts
Of our wedding day
When we got our start
So bright and gay

The work to get
Things running right
The happy days
And loving nights

First jobs first kids
And so it went
So many things
Were Heaven sent

Now we look back
With grateful hearts
Back sixty years
When we got our start

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a lovely anniversary poem, expressing gratitude for all the shared years..so much implied in these few verses.

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I love how your lyrics often make me think of the old country music vinyl records of my dad's - except so many of those songs were sad!
This one is joyous, heartfelt, and inspirational - my wife and I are coming up on 22 years!

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Beautiful anniversary lyrics, full of love and happy memories, wonderful dedication. 60 years is a big achievement!

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We will reach 62 years next month but 60 fit better in the song

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I like this song. The playing works very well and your vocal is strong and caresses the lyric nicely. We are coming up on year 20 of marriage (and just passed 24 together) and this song hits me right there.

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It is such joy hearing you sing and compose. I am already getting fired up for February. I was like the Bucks in 50/90, fast start then pooped out.

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A lovely, touching story. I admire those that can make it all the way. Very tasty uke picking. This is a good one.