The Blue Masquerade Returns

The Blue Masquerade Returns

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. i had a dream last night in which i encountered a friend i haven't seen in a long time. but the mind portrays ideal versions of the people we care about, and i suppose is a little deceptive in that pursuit. whatever the case, i had to jot down my waking thoughts into lyrics. you can set this to music if you want, but i would personally prefer to reserve this one later for myself. Smile


(she) came to me in a dream, and
i was trying to hide, but the
blue masquerade has come
back into my life

(she) came to me in a dream, and
this was at the corner store, but
when we locked eyes, there was
happiness inside, and she
gave me the biggest hug that
i have ever felt, "it's
been over a year now, how are

now that i think of it, i'm
better than before, i
met a bunch of people, and for-
got a whole lot more

(and) in my isolation, i
meditate for hours, and
if i get the chance, i'll con-
sume a few the flowers

(she) came to me in a dream
(and) we just walked around the place we
used to spend our time
(oh) how it was a waste, but we sure
had all sorts of fun
(and) now the evening's done and i'm a-

now that i think of it, you're
only in my head, that's a
thing i share within myself, but
paint the picture red, and you'll

see that i've been holding in, a
new form of recluse, and i
know that isnt fair to you coz
i've nothing to lose

(she) came to me in a dream, and i
think it's time to wake up, and look
out and reach my hand, if
only for a friend, but i don't
know quite who i am, ex-
cept when i am floating through the

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I both love and hate those dreams, especially when you dream the person how you thought they were and learned the hard way that they weren't. Remembering someone that never really existed. You captured a dreamlike quality in your lyrics. I like the psychedelic style of the lyrics.

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now that i think of it, i'm
better than before, i
met a bunch of people, and for-
got a whole lot more

now that is a great lyric.