who am I?

who am I?

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Liner Notes: 

Actually, I didn't shred my vocal cords doing this song but I am coming down with a headcold so yeah.

I struggle, at times, with the whole idea of the fact that most of the people who will ever care to hear my songs don't exist in the sphere of my world 'out there'. In the small city where I live, most people could care less if I write songs, and if I play them at coffeehouses or such, they'll politely listen and generally not throw things at me. Certainly nobody around here thinks of me as a songwriter primarily or even secondarily. It's WAY down the list. I know I matter in many ways to folks around here, and for that I'm thankful. But this particular dimension of me... does it matter? Or should I retire from music and get on with life and other hobbies?

Basically, I wonder if I should bother and if my existence at this end of the fiber optic networks which carry the internets really makes a difference to anyone. I'm willing to concede it does not.

So yeah.

Saturday evening existential dilemma.

Song is what it is-- one take acoustic, one mic, crackly voice.


can you hear me?
my waveforms soar down the optic line
am I merely
a collection of 0s and 1s set fine
for you to enjoy?

who am I to you?
who am I to you?
who am I to you?

can you see me?
my image on your screen, is it me?
am I merely
a collection of photons and diodes you see
and perhaps enjoy?

who am I to you?
who am I to you?
who am I to you?

a strange existence
a virtual subreality
a strange persistence
a virtual subcommunity
a strange resistance
a virtual subsufficiency
strange... so strange

who am I to you?
who am I to you?
who am I to you?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I know it’s a rough take but there’s a really good song here. I especially like the first line of each verse — your chords and vocal delivery; and the desperate passionate repetition of the chorus is good too.

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if everybody who felt that what they loved doing did not matter to others, eventually nothing would exist that would be of consequence to anyone. if you only reach one person with one song, you have succeeded in putting something of youself into the consiousness of another person. also, there are poets who practice the art of poetry every day of their lives yet never succeed in wrting a real poem. nonetheless, they were poets, they lived the lives of poets, saw existence as a poet sees it...if people stopped practicing the arts, the arts would be no more, our failures are the kindling for the future flashes of brilliance that are built upon every action in the past. finally, the person who connects with the mutitude is a freak whose purpose is simply the representation of all those doing the same kind of work in obscurity, making rare but true connections in special moments of a shared epiphany.

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This is an interesting one to chew over. But think of it from our (your songwriter mates) POV - we don’t know you as all the other things you are or do or in context of where you live. We know you as @metalfoot the songwriter. So to us that is who you are and thus an integral part of our community. Wink The song for me is grunge/indie rock and needs heavy guitars and drums. A collab with @ZeCoop maybe!

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Great driving rhythm on this one Alex, I'm playing along to learn the strumming pattern. The hoarse vocals serve to highlight the rawness of these lyrics.

About the question at hand... I think first is who are you to yourself? What does being a songwriter mean to you? I think the first audience has to be yourself. If you take pleasure in it, isn't that enough? As for politely listening audiences - that is a gift. I am always grateful for people taking their attention away from their phones and a whole world of distractions for 2.5 minutes and listening to me. That in itself is a moment of connection. I've found busking to be a wealth of those moments. Someone pausing, a smile, a coin, a bit of eye contact.

I'm still grateful to you for being among my very first listeners ever, in the whole world, in my first baby steps as a songwriter. Mate, you matter.

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Ah the existential angst demo'ed well in this song. +1 on the mattering Smile

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I certainly would not be doing this had I not met you in this forum. Your abilities inspire me and your encouragement has kept me writing. So, yeah....your music matters!!!!