Beware of the Hawk

Beware of the Hawk

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Liner Notes: 

Monty: This was a one hour collab at FAWMSTOCK 2019 thanks to Mike Skliar. I added the dobro, bass and chop fiddle parts using Band-in-a-Box/Realtracks.

Mike: this was great fun, and it was great to collab with Monty, who came up with all the good ideas for this one--done live and in person at Fawmstock (in Delaware this past weekend)

We cut this live on the porch, just a baby taylor travel guitar & vocal (me), and Monty on harmonica and additional vocals.
Monty then went back and added dobro and bass, etc. He sent me a mix and I did a tiny bit of tweaking and here it is!

yeah, this is an 'almost murder ballad' I guess, done to the prompt "Beware of the Hawk"


I’m standing in a junkyard
somethings overhead
if I don’t play my cards right
I might be dead

Like a Hitchcock Movie come to life
I begin to feel a chill
somethings coming at me
coming in for the kill

They give names to all the wise guys
the ones that never talk
The one that scares me most of all
They call the hawk

I was under a lamp post
Way back in 69
Put my hands in my pockets
I forgot that was the sign

I messed up the plans
Screwed up the robbery
and now forever after
the hawk is after me

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I love the reverse personification. I can't help but picture Hudson Hawk, which I don't think is the vibe you're going for, but like I said... I can't help it. I like how the lyrics only reveal a mall part of the story and we're left to fill in the gaps.

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Thanks! Mike and I worked this up in an hour at FAWMSTOCK.

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The lyric put me right there and now I'm wondering what happens next!

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Thanks! It’s a not yet murder ballad LOL

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I really liked this skirmish collab. I like the take on the "hawk" being a wise guy.

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Nice to hear a production on this. I thought the way you took the prompt was so clever. Great write and melody!!

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First, that's cool you guys got together at FAWMSTOCK and recorded a song.

Looking at the lyrics...first verse is visual in the junkyard...nice. Nice visual with Hitchcock....filling the chill coming in from the kill...very nice. Ah, the hawk verse...very cool. A nice trip back to 69...I was 9 years old that year. Oh, a robbery has gone bad...that's unexpected. Great job on these lyrics...It doesn't say who wrote the lyrics but I suspect Mike? Maybe both...I don't know. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Sounds blues country old country...vocals now...sounds great. They call the hawk...very nice. Harmonica...the one that scares me most of all they call the hawk...very cool. Back in 69 now...Chorus again...very catchy...good mix. Nice playing too. Very nice ending. Excellent collab guys, I like it a lot.

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Thanks. The vocal, guitar and harmonica were recorded live at FAWMStock before we shared it with the group. The lyric was pretty much a 50/50 collab.

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This version sounds so much fuller than the one you performed at FAWMstock; sounds even better now that you've had more time to add bits (especially love the bass and dobro!) and rehearse a bit. Really great. Monty's harmonies on the chorus remind me of Phish a little bit, which I also dig. Treachery, malicious deeds, and the nervous aftermath.

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Love the vibe! Cool adds after the fact too! It was fun to do an in-the-room skirmish! Proof we all did it that fast Smile

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Really enjoyed hearing all the hawk tunes. Excellent performance and overall write. It was great to meet you both at FAWMStock and listen to this live Smile Hope you both come back next year!