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Liner Notes: 

Hi! This is Klaus speaking. Another fine lyric from John @oneslowtyper. Nice rhythm in the verses and really easy to put into music. So thank you, Mr. SlowTyper! I didn't have the time to add all the bells and whistles but the story should be heard loud and clear.

John says - As Klaus mentioned, the moral of this song is universal, and it was just a variation of the phrase "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.
I don't know why, but I get choked up when I hear Klaus sing the part about getting hugs from my sons. One of the reasons I'm really, really fond of this song is that I didn't have to stretch the truth very much, and I do feel sorry for a series of problems my neighbors have been dealing with.
And of course, ANYTHING that Klaus sings and plays on is capable of laughter and/or tears, but is always a pleasure to listen to!
Thanks again for another collaboration, Klaus, and even more so for your friendship



The grass is always greener in my neighbors’ yard
For him, life comes so easy, but for me it’s hard
Yet my words need some explaining…
I’m really not complaining…
Just stating things… as my world unfolds

My neighbor has a car that is extremely rare
My car is 10 years old, I drive it everywhere
And NO, I’m not complaining…
A glimpse of life, I’m framing…
Just stating things, as I see the world

My neighbor has a son who always dresses well
My boys – they dress for comfort – sometimes look like hell
Life seems to suit my neighbor…
For me, at times, I labor…
Just stating things, as my world unfolds

Some… times the world…
Seems much greener
somewhere else

My neighbor spends both time and money on his yard
And twice a month, I mow the grass, it’s not that hard
My neighbor was complaining…
If, soon, it don’t start raining…
His lovely lawn will look worse than my own

My neighbors’ car was repossessed, the cost too high
My car and house are both paid off, we’re getting by
My neighbor was explaining…
For him, life was so draining…
Just stating things, as he sees the world

Some… times the world…
Seems much greener
somewhere else

My neighbor stated that his son is hooked on drugs
He’s jealous of my boys, who always give me hugs
I feel bad for my neighbor…
Please do me this one favor …
And pray for him, as his life unfolds…

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Lots to like about this. The lyrics are great and have a natural rhythm, so i can see their appeal. The soft/quiet intro works well, and the music when it kicks in is very well done. All in all, an enjoyable listen and good collaboration.

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I like how the story goes in one direction, then the opposite, then again back to a positive message there. The lyric really "sings" and tells a good story. Klaus' music is really cool, catchy and complements the lyric with empathetic energy. I like the intro and outro too. Great collab!

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many lovely rhymes in the verses. i ike the long melodic lines at the start of the verses..reminds me of those early 1970s country pop songs by Bobby Honey

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Easily my favourite of yours in a good bunch. I think its the gentle movement between pieces of the story keep coming back to touch points. Thats the analysis. Emotionaly its just a good song i would just put on and listen to anytime thx.

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As I often say, comparing yourself to others is a sure path to misery.
And as is made clear in these excellent lyrics, everyone has issues; it's just that some of us hide them better than others.
Yeah, a really catchy musical treatment here, Klaus.
A really great collab, folks!

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Excellent lyric and Klaus you did this in the best possible way! A favorite for sure!

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Looking at the lyrics...first section, boy can I relate to that as I'm trying very hard to get the yard up to par before the city of Henderson gives me a warning. But never fear as I did the work required in the rain the other day. lol...the section is killing me as our car (my brother's car as mine is broken down) is 20 years old but only has 73 thousand miles on it. The next section describing the neighbor and life in general...pretty good writing. Nice delivery of the chorus message. Oh man, John, we're over 100 degrees every day here and my neighbor still has a perfect lawn, always has. Nice job on the car repossessed. Ah, the last section about the son on drugs...pretty realistic. Very good write John. I'm ready for the audio now...and I can't wait...hold. Sounds good...good melody and singing. wow, didnt expect the country music to kick in....sounds good. Can clearly understand the lyrics. Love that snare change. Moves nicely Klaus. Chorus now...very catchy and fun sounding. Pretty good guitar playing too. Chorus again...sounds good. music bedtrack fading out...and nice clean finish. Excellent guys, I like this a lot.

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Like the gentle acoustic first verse giving way to the band for the second - nice structure. The lyrics tell an age old story, but one that seems especially pertinent in a world of Instagram 'influencers'.

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I frequently like a bitter sweet song and this one is no exception. That chorus caught my interest in particular, it's as if Rivers Cuomo could have sung it. Glad you did, Klaus. Lyrics are great too, I especially liked that verse with the line 'Life seems to suit my neighbor…', that's a clever write, I like that.

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What a collab - showcases what I like about both of you! I get the neighbor relationship so well, and the storytelling is poignant and bittersweet.
Klaus nails this one musically - upbeat, yet still sweetly sad. Good work, both of you.

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I really like your acoustic playing ... particularly the jingly jangly stuff at 0:31 or so. This is very nice and sparse and melodic. Vocals crystal clear. Great turnaround in the lyrics from "Life seems to suit my neighbor" to repossession, etc. I like the way you sing "hooked on drugs." Poignant stuff.

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I really like this one a lot, think it is my favourite this year sofar from you. Great drive and great write. Very catchy

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Wonderful perspective that conveys so much especially as it flips! Great insight. This music is great! Love the slow start and finish which bookend the song perfectly!

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@oneslowtyper I love the lyrics! So clever. @klaus - I loved the way you put this all together. Great collab!!

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Dang, what a great take, a good vision for a lyric, well written. And a great take on the lyric.