Spider With No Web

Spider With No Web

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Liner Notes: 

I have got to catch up on housework, but this idea came.... Needs music and vocals. I may add more to it too. I added another verse and bridge to it now.


Spider With No Web
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Down from the post
Down to the ground
Nobody there
Not a soul to be found

Lost and alone
Lost from everything
Nowhere to turn
Nothing from nothing

Spider with no web
Closing in on death
Nobody knows she's here
Spider with no web
Only a half step
Until she disappears

She was not like Charlotte
No web in the garden
Just an unmarked death
With nobody's pardon

Back into oblivion
From which she came
No one knows
Or remembers her name

No light at all
The darkness profound
No web, no life
Not even a sound

Repeat chorus

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I can easily project my worst-fear future fantasies into this one; quite sad. A spider with no web is a potent image. The lyric leaves me to fill in the blanks as to why this is, and I’m okay with that; I think it allows it to be universally applicable to each person’s scenario. One-size fear fits all, if you will. I’m curious what else you might add. If you revise it, please ping me.

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i like this idea of a spider with no web as i am constantly battling webs with no spiders. a powerlul and unsettleing meditation on death.

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Clever take on the spider theme. Can easily be envisioned as a metaphor too. Glad you took a moment from the dreaded housework to get the idea out!!

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The title lured me in. This one is indeed dark - also succinct and bleakly matter-of-fact. You write with such poetic precision, like Emily Dickinson. Her poems would make good songs - maybe that's been done before.