Have a Slice!

Have a Slice!

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Liner Notes: 

Had time, hahahahahahahaha!, for a quick write since my flight to Victoria, BC was delayed. I think I'm channeling Dr Seuss and Mr Rogers here.



A watched clock never boils
Or so I’ve heard some say
A stitch in rhyme saves nine
You’d better learn to pray

Because time is a confusion
One day there’s tons, and then it’s gone
Best tackle it head on, full steam
Are all your weapons drawn?

See, all that time you’re wasting
Watching clocks and stitching rhymes
Is time for you to write your song
Hang out with the sublime

Because whether you’re always early
Or like me, always late
Close at hand, you’ll see the piper
At the dawn, by the gate

He’ll ask for your attention
And he’ll ask you for your song
You’d better be ready to belt it out
And he’ll want to sing along

Because singing loud is lots of fun!
Add some rhythm, add some spice!
Sing it now! You’ve got the time
Life is yummy! Have a slice!

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A happy lyric for a gloomy late wfternoon in midwinter with the cold seeping in and the injured foot playing merry hell. (I always think of Moley and the Water Rat with the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. never thought I'd have to provide him with a song. Now I know...)

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This is delightful and insightful! I love how it evolves to being about the joys of music starting with the sense of time. Nice word play. Perfect write!

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Yeah, kind of like Dr. Seuss ready to kick some ass.
Good advice, too.
Life is short.

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Along with that splash of cold water in the face [thanks, I needed that], you provide the only remedy there is, with plenty of Seuss-like instruction and topsy-turvyness. There’s a profound pep talk in there, and it feels life-giving and cheerful. You are the silver lining of airline delays!

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Catchy and yet evocative. Can't wait to hear this musified!

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what a fun write, i love how there is nonsense in it yet then it pulls in to make a kind of sense after all.