Sweet Clover

Sweet Clover

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Liner Notes: 

Here’s what I think is going on here:

jealousy/suspicion, engulfment/abandonment, religious views of the afterlife, fear of eternal separation, misguided murder-suicide ballad

I don’t really know if “ballad” fits. Ideas about that?

I know we’re not supposed to criticize our own songs, but I’m beginning to have to work to stay completely on pitch, it seems, and I was too lazy and in too much of a hurry to do another take; that goes for the little vocal turns, too; I know I can do those better, but not today.

Big shout out to @CorinneLucy, whose wonderful a cappella traditional song inspired me to revive an old form for this one. I recommend you listen to hers, if you haven’t. It’s powerful. *38018

1/2 size guitar in “DADGAD” tuning, but based on G;
Essentially a capo-free capo5.


Where will I find you when our life is over?
Will you be coming with me?
I’ll take my rest underneath the sweet clover
But Heaven is where I should be

And will you be home when the grim one comes calling?
Will you be coming with me?
I can attest that you’re known for your stalling
I wonder where else you might be

O Lady, I am not ready to die
I’ve not seen enough of the world
You draw me too near, and it drives me from here
Eternity with just one girl

Where will you go then to find a new lover?
And will she be honest like me?
When you’re her guest, she had better take cover
A gravesite has room for all three

O Lady, I see that look in your eye
But I’ve not seen a glimpse of this girl
You clutch me too tight, I can’t breathe in your sight
But I love no one else in this world

Where were you standing that day in the chapel?
Were you in front just like me?
I’ve done my best to be loyal and faithful
Death shall not part you and me

O Lady, I beg you, I’ve told you no lie
But the room is beginning to swirl
I drank from my thirst, but I see you drank first
And I fear it’s goodbye to this world

Where will I find you when our life is over?
Will you be coming with me?
I’ll lie next to you underneath the sweet clover
But Heaven is where I should be
I’ll lie next to you underneath the sweet clover
I’d rather have you next to me

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you have quite a nice way with these traditional ballad forms. you are very good with the lyrics, both in the writing and in the vocal expression. youri melodies always incorporate an unexpected note on their way to the satisfying resolution. theguitar accompaniment is excellent as well.

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Wonderful guitar on this sorrowful feeling folk ballad. It has an old poetic feel that is absolutely gorgeous.

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This is INCREDIBLE. I absolutely love the story, the way it slowly unfolds, the two characters, the word choices, the slightly unusual chords (but not so unusual that it doesn't fit the style) - JUST BRILLIANT.

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Beautiful! Compelling story and a wonderful melody you've concocted. Sounds just right!

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Wow, this story is profound and your guitar, your vocals! I am in awe!

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The song form and simple delivery give this a timeless feel. "I drank from my thirst, but I see you drank first/And I fear it’s goodbye to this world" feels like a bit of a twist on Romeo and Juliet.

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What mode is the melody? I just love that scale or whatever it is. It's probably something simple. Goodness, there is so much I don' t know. Anyway, this is beautiful. It is totally a ballad.

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Oh, that melody is achingly beautiful. The story kept me throughout. Your voice sounds good throughout to me. This is definitely a ballad and it's definitely a good one. I love this.

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Oh my gosh, what a lovely tune you got here.
Sounds a lot like a traditional English folk song.
Reminds me a lot of Sandy Denny.
Which is an excellent thing.
Really nice guitar work, too.
Oh yeah, so nice.

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My original comment didn't save. Bugger. Take 2!
I was kinda nervous to listen after reading the tags and your liner notes, but damn, this is good. I was riveted the whole time, wishing for an outcome that was better than the one I knew was coming. But then it came. Sigh...
That melody is gorgeous and haunting.
The slight tweak to the lyrics in the last section (the one repeated from the beginning) is super duper hecka sneaky. Nice.

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Lovely playing and singing in this song. The story has complex issues and the views that fall into the what's out there kind of thing beyond the world as we know it and that is always intriguing!