Death Comes

Death Comes

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Death comes
Calm, and quiet
I can't escape
I wouldn't try it

My time has come
And that's okay
There is no reason
That I should stay

I take Death's hand
And he leads me on
There's nothing left
It's time to be gone.

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Powerful and profound - like a poetic pithy suicide note of a creative beautiful soul. Well written as evokes strong emotion. I realize lyrics are lyrics but given the nature of this one I hope these are poetic creative thought not a current reflection of real intent. If the latter please reach out and keep writing. Love your style and lyrics as well as the sexy altar ego lyrics you write. Amazing talent!

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You really get a lot of feeling across in just a few short lines.
I'm imagining this as a follow up to BOC's "Don't Fear The Reaper".
Nicely done.