Pulled From Dust

Pulled From Dust

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Liner Notes: 

FB Songskirmish #169

host Theo Kater
prompt diamond

At the hour and a half mark (that's one hour livin' out in the woods time), I had a melodic theme, a separate rhythm for the bass, a simple chord progression all against a basic house beat. That version is here: http://files.fawmers.org/5090_2019/jwhanberry/jwhanberry_pulled%20from%20dust_sketch-190723.mp3

The quote for the melodic rhythm and the title is "Your Rebel soul shines lika a diamond Pulled From Dust" by Jay Long. The definition of diamond (3 syllables) is "Native crystalline carbon" (7 syllables). The bass rhythm is a 3:7 interference pattern. That also gives me rhythmic bits for other stuff. Then it was time for dinner.

To extend the idea I deconstructed all the components and spread them out along with a few ornaments.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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tennis for the ears! jumping from ear to ear. Cleverly constructed. i like the jump around the 1 min mark! and the settle into the finale

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a lot more music in this than i find in most electronica. a most enjojable mix.

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Nice layering. Like the low notes, audacious panning and all the counterpoint.

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Interesting timings...again using words as the basis for melodic rhythm. Unfortunately, I never put effort into learning notation and what I did know has been forgotten...but I do get the explanation you gave me on my board.
Quite cool method.
It all comes together in my opinion and makes for a unique piece that maintains interest. The sound choices themselves also keep me interested; what will I hear next?? That sound at :57 made me smile.
Nice breaks with that bass groove becoming a focal point.
Yeah...this ALL works for me. Great vamp.

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Really musical and interesting. Great work, especially for a skirmish!

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Amazing amount of good music for a skirmish, wow. Also a great mix.