You Clean Up Real Nice

You Clean Up Real Nice

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Liner Notes: 

The rest of my day's going to be busy and I get to go see a folk group play at our library, but this idea came so I wrote it down.
Love to collab on this!


You Clean Up Real Nice
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Workin' on cars
Seems like day and night
Time you was workin' on me
And I think you'll do it right

Hands always greasy
Don't want no touchin' then
Baby, go get some soap
And I'll show ya how it's done

Lo and behold
I don't believe my own eyes
You come out clean
And baby I ain't surprised
I just knew it, I just knew it
You clean up real nice

I don't want ya dirty
I just want ya dirty minded

Lord knows you gotta work
But he knows you gotta play
Let me scrub your back
I'm gonna show you all the ways

Repeat chorus

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Ha ha Dirty minded not dirty! Real life lyric, must admit been told this myself

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Terrific words, and so open to different performance styles; sultry and sexy, or fun and poppy, and in either case retaining all of the double meaning word play. Very clever lyrics, and such fun too!