Highway Noise

Highway Noise

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Liner Notes: 

Really liked the message of this song. Wanted an upbeat melody to reflect the traffic beat on a busy highway.


HIGHWAY NOISE (Kathy Holmes)

The rhythm of the highway noise
At six o’clock in the morning
Playing like a drum beat
The troopers are storming
down the road, chasing dreams
before the day releases heat
I begin my day, my choice
Banging on my toys

In a world of men statistically
I don’t let that fact stop me
Never thought I couldn’t do anything
Just because I am a woman
Hey, Move over boys
It’s all just highway noise

The rhymes come to me before my coffee
Timbaland’s tips on making beats
Inspire me to follow my heart
Destiny I must not cheat
My father told me from the start
Reading my writing from afar
His words meant so much to me
Now he’s gone how can it be


Driving cars on a highway fast
Expecting men it seems
Babies and all their accessories
Women discuss by the kitchen sink
Sitting on the front porch I dare to be me
Listening to men talk about beer that’s free
If I couldn’t be free I’d never last
And highway noise is just more sass


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I really like this! Yes, move over boys! Nice collab!

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Thank you Cindyrella. I'm slow getting started this year, but see you are writing away as usual.

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Love what you did with my lyrics, Belladonna! Just what it needed. This was my first collab and now I want to do more. Smile Thank you!

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Yes, I liked it a lot, the song was sassy and driven!!!

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Yeah rock on and move them away. Lovely drive and great performed. Great collab