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Liner Notes: 

It really hurts when a friendship or any relationship for that matter comes to an end. I've been thinking about someone for a few days now and it still burns that we don't speak. I wanted to record this, but I cannot. Should anyone wish to, please feel free.


I'm still your friend
Even though it's been a while since I've said, "hello."
I do care, though over the course of years it seldom shows

"Where are you?" You may ask.
I've never silence just got louder

Too many voices
Too many memories
Too many songs I tried to write, then sing
Too many winters; little time for spring

The Muse and I often wonder should we part ways
Yet these 4 strings persuade me to stay

Happy songs
Angry songs
Songs about us
Songs about you
Songs about private things we used to do

"Where are you?", they ask
"Good things never last." That is my reply

And yet...we never said good-bye

I'm still your friend

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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i can relate to this. 11 years ago, my best lifetime friend and i stopped talking to each other, and this last year we resumed our friendship so there is hope even for the most lost friendships, i hope someone can turn this into a song for you.

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“I've never silence just got louder” packs a punch.

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Wow, incredible. Powerful lyrics. I really feel this one, sometimes there are no goodbyes and no closure. People talk about ghosting, but not usually from this perspective. Cool.

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It surprised me to see your lyrics only--true to emotion and honest as always--without the music, which I've always admired what you do. Interesting to see the ways you write, sometimes?

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You expressed it all so beautifully, truthfully and passionately Craig. You have to record it. I hear your voice in every word!

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Oh so relatable and the phrase "I've never silence just got louder" is absolutely F-ing brilliant. keep it up.