On the Seventh Watch

On the Seventh Watch

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Liner Notes: 

This song I really enjoyed writing, it made me think a lot of interesting ideas as it evolved. The main idea is the universe is made of waves or cycles at all levels and Earth/Humanity in is the seventh final cycle and as much I/we don't want to be defined by observing its decline, it seems inevitable this is our age. The song is railling against that and trying to encourage myself (more than anyone else) to look more deeply at what life/universe actually is, not the micro-politics of my life.
Anyway the recording was more of a challenge than writing, will re-do to get timing right at some point. Conventional tuning.


On the Seventh Watch:

A little after midnight, I was told to watch from 3,
The darkest hour looming, don’t why it fell to me.
And I was blurry eyed, like other souls,
Whose hearts somehow had all been lost.

Hold your ground, won’t you, hold your ground,
Hold it while the Angel’s draw their lots.
Defined by everything that I am not,
On the 7th Watch

Waiting for an evening star to show a sign,
The only way they think they’ll be set free
The answer lies in mirrors, not those megaphones
Blasting out down every town and street

A desert stretches out, so blank and ill-defined
In the smallest crevice, the World was thus designed
Time stood still for humans to be born,
Time to build an Arc or wooden Cross
Eye for eye, eye for eye,
The vision of the best of life is blocked.
Defined by everything that I am not,
On the 7th Watch

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DYLAN LIKE, all the way
loved the vocal and the melody
enjoyed reading these lyrics
before my listen

hope you do collabs and see something of mine that grabs you


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i love everything about this song, from the idea itself, through the writing, the musication to the performance, the wonderfully spare arrangement and exquisite performance. ths is that rare song that edges toward the truth with an enquiring mind. it brings back memories of pf sloan, my friend no departed who road the music beam to enlightenment in the day when we wrote songs to illuminate, not to obscure, the mysteries of our existence. this goes immediately to the recommended listening post in the forums.

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Yes, what Bill said. Smile Good one. Well done. I would say also, -- well done, you, your own, not heard "before", original. All we got is 1v1g and that's it. (I used to say, well, "dylan sounds like me 'cause, he liked what he heard Wink all round him, from everyone else", -- hahhh!) Anyway, -- good one.

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Came on @billwhite51’s recommendation and glad I did. Such poignant writing, a unique take on the decline that we are all observing. “The answer lies in mirrors” - wow. A line packed with truth.

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That is a fine song in the spirit of the best story tellers! Great concept not overdone and excellently delivered.

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This is so moving. The vocal absorbs every word and brings out such emotion...listening to it you cannot help but be moved. The song reaches out at that deep soul level. Beautifully played and delivered.

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Nice warm song. You capture the mood well. Intriguing idea and lyrics. Smoky vocals. Nice work.