The Bug Guy

The Bug Guy

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Liner Notes: 

I told this dude when he came by my house that I was working on a song and that I was going to write a song about him too and he laugh. I doubt if he believed me but I'm a man of my words. Yeah, this is a true story. I wrote the lyrics this morning while it was pouring down rain and I was drinking my coffee.

Production notes: I guess it went pretty fast depending on who you ask. I played that piano live in sections. I can't play very well but this is an easy key. Also, I have to reach for the keyboard as it is behind my computer keyboard. The guitars and vocals were pretty easy. I usually do all of that stuff live in one take per section as well. Sometimes I have to stop and try again. This time I moved quickly with no problems. Thanks for listening.

Update: This song has been updated to version 2 July 27, 2019


The Bug Guy

He came to the door yesterday
He ask me about their service to bug spray
He wanted a contract for a year
Ants biting my dogs is what I fear
We needed it done because of those pests
We won't have to deal with it and get some rest
Signed the contract and we agreed
He came today and we're almost ant free

The bug guy came today to spray
Says he found the ant hill and it should be ok
Any problem and we get a free recheck
Don't have the money but what the heck
Free for the first check to earn their business
Don't want my dogs to get bit so this is it
I haven't seen but a couple of ants
It still feels like their crawling in my pants

The bug guy, his name is Kason
A college student said the don't have money too
I looked at his name tag blurry eyes, called him Jason
He said that's close enough but my name is Kason, with a K

A day later we're getting our first rain
About time as the heat is frying my brain
Hope the bug spray still going to work
Hope It doesn't wash away, it doesn't wash away
The bug spray

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I love this sort of song-about-reality stuff. Fun lyrics and a hope from me that the bug spray doesn't wash away too badly! Great chord structure especially on the bridge.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has a good title and your guitar solo is great. It has great lyrics to.

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i have been loving your psychedelic guitar playing. this song is a rousing character portrait of a worker in an under appreciated vocation. it is fun. funny, and even a little heart warming, i really like the elongated bridge followed by that ecstatic guitar solo.

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Hey, I HAD to listen to the sequel to your "Ants" song. Very, very nice arrangements you do--good balance, instrumentation, etc. You definitely have some mixing skills on display. I love music based on "real life"--just uploading one now inspired by a hospital stay. I enjoyed this!

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Fun song! I like the piano. Nice little transition to the chorus. Cool guitar solo at the end! I like the guitar effects.

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Inspired idea for a song! And you nail it - piano and guitar are right on. Fun vocal delivery - I like how you use it for storytelling.
Our bug guy is named Eddie. We've become pals - he has to visit often.