we wanted more

we wanted more

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50/90 week three with the Catalytic Perverters. Recorded Tuesday night in the basement, this is one we worked out over a couple of plays. I added the vocals afterward, using lines I had in my notebooks; the verse and the repeated line in the chorus. The non-rhyming middle lines in the chorus are the newest bits of lyric. It ends up being a song about a problem I see across a broad spectrum of political and apolitical folks, and in the mirror.


If the truth is uncomfortable
then we should deny it
and if we ever have to face the truth
we're going to riot

we wanted more than we ever wanted to work for
we know we've been sold, we just kept buying
the growing disease of conflating our needs
yes, we wanted more than we ever wanted to work for

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This is a classic punk anthem-- pointing out what's what with a little edge and a little tongue-in-cheek.