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Liner Notes: 

Well, I did this yesterday, and got into my own head (to much? Smile )-- how it goes, and when snapped out of it was like o m g..., to dark? Almost deleted it; but emailed a friend to further snap me out of it Smile ... "gonna re-listen tomorrow" and just now did. Eh, not to dark. You?

One BIG difference in my equipment shift (experiment), to direct in mixer - acoustic guitar into the mix and using the SM57 mic is that 12-string in particular picks up what almost sounds like a "plosive" but is not. My SM57 has a Sock and Screen and I am not "on" it (for proximity effect) ... guessing average 6 inches (fyi), so not the mic.
So, I think I can go in and manually address that later and the Cajon may level that out a bit and (AND) who knows what you all hear!, and on what? So, may be mixed out anyway Smile !! Uno!?

So, this was a Lyric-only, now musicated so read it's liner notes on "it" if care to. "Ignorance Like"; -- yes for some reason I like the Re-Title: "Ignor-ance-like" title for what it does for how "i" read it, you? Wink Smile hahhh!


Ignorance' spike, it's cancer grows
Slow silent, incomplete, un-straight rows
Through acceptance sin, and re-birthed ignorance kin
It grows as weeds in it's timing game to win

Don't listen to me, don't listen to them
Don't listen to anyone like them again
Find your source of peace of love
And grind your groove away with Him

Both stones grind, but one only finds
The use of powder for bread not strife
Both stones grind, but only one mines
The porous hedgerows of your loves mind

The press of silence' sweet clean chances
Swallows the clanking idiot speak dances
It does not seek, it has found it's place
And it waits for it's fill of human grace

Human grace does not smack peace speak
Human grace does not lie in knowledge
Human grace built this country space
Human grace will save it's fate

Verse 2 repeat

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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some of this reminds me of pink floyd... i like the way you lay in the delayed second vocal.

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Not too dark - in fact, verse 2 if uplifting. Well, resigned yet hopeful.
And this is a lovely song - sonically soothing to hear. The backing vocal and vocal sounds are a brilliant touch.