Forgiveness (is Enough)

Forgiveness (is Enough)

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Liner Notes: 

This one just flowed right out. Funny how it happens like that sometimes and other times it takes a lot of graft.

Decided to keep this one simple with just guitar and vocal - let the song speak for itself.


Tired, I’m so tired
Of waiting for my absolution
Praying for a moment that may never come

Doubts, there are doubts
I’m living under an illusion
Should I just accept that all my hope has gone

So I hold on to a belief
A fragile promise of relief

Dark it’s so dark
Waiting for the clouds to open
Waiting for the light to settle on your face

Smile? How can I smile?
When I know your heart is broken
And nothing’s left inside it’s just an empty space

So how can I deserve your love
Maybe forgiveness is enough

Tired, I’m so tired
Of waiting for my absolution
Praying for a moment that may never come

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This is perfect! And you did it just right with the guitar and vocals. This flowed out and made the world a little better!

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Beautiful music and lovely lyrics. Splendid song.

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Guitar and voice are lovely. Really highlights the words and melody.

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Such a sad, but lovely song.

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sounds like you are exploring paul simon territory here. youve climbed pretty high on that mountain with this song.

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Yup top stuff again. Not overdone. Great performance of a very nice song

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It's not every day that I'm moved by a 50/90 song. Lovely work sir. Such wistful tenderness. Interesting verses as well, largely unrhymed but the repeated words give it a sense of structure. *takes notes* Love the melody too.

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The economy of the performance and the charming melody highlight the beauty of the words. Another winner, Tim!

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Lovely, should and could be on the radio. Your voice is very good and fits the ambiance of the song.

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lovely rolling guitar picking, really nice, beautiful tone in the voice.

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the combination of what you do here
musically, lyrically, vocally, is awsome
such a pleasure to listen to
everything comes together perfectly


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Love, love, love your acoustic guitar picking! Your voice is other-worldly beautiful.

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Beautiful guitar from the start. The vocal didn't disappoint. Melancholy but deliciously infused with hope. Give rose