Get out of my head

Get out of my head

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Liner Notes: 

Over-produce your first song!

Spend so long on it you could have written five more in that time!

Tag it #What_a_berk !

Move on!


Thought I heard you call my name
As I turned away
Thought I could detect regret
Or maybe even shame
Buried in your weasel words
We all hear the things we want to hear
But I refuse to want that anymore

Get out of my head
Woah, I don't want you in my head
No more - get out of my head

I don't need no change of heart
No I don't need to care
I get all my best ideas
While falling down the stairs
And you don't need some place to stay
We've all tried resisting change, but oh
I'm not going to help you anymore

Get out of my head
Woah, I don't want you in my head
No more - get out of my head

Now I'm sure that I
I don't want this anymore

Get out of my head
Woah, I don't want you in my head
No more - get out of my head
Woah, I don't want you in my head

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sometimes the time spent on production pays off. This has a fantastic sound and mix. the song itself is excellent and well deserving of the perfectionism you have applied to it. I love all those melodies and voices,

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Oh nice, instantly sounds out with it's great sound and vocal performance. Pick-up to chorus is solid, and the melody is quite good. It was worth the effort for the great sound, everything is tight and it has a good vibe overall. and the little breaks in instrumentation are cool. Great song!

Valerie Cox's picture

Really smooth, bluesy vocal. Rockin' it out chica! Love that push into the chorus. The way you layered it with vocals and instrumentation is very cool. And 'get out of my head' is such a good hook.

Klaus's picture

I like the minor chord shuffle pop vibe and the way the melody goes into chorus. Great chorus by the way, just fantastic. Great production, yes, but what's important that this is a really good song. And the line about getting best ideas when falling down the stairs is just bodacious. Smile

metalfoot's picture

This is a great song. Minor chord progression for the win and splendid chorus. Overproduced? Nah. Just glad to hear you back on the board!

Amanda West's picture

What amazing lyrics ! And excellent arrangement and melody Smile Couldn't be more perfect in my opinion Smile And your voice is to die for Smile If I could sing I'd want to sound like you Smile Smile Smile

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I hope I'm not making things any worse by saying that I absolutely love the production in this. Sounds excellent. Of course the sound would mean nothing without a good song and you delivered. I think the chorus will be stuck in my head for quite some time. The arrangement is top-notch. Digging the abrupt ending, I'm a bit of a fan of those and it works great here. Awesome work.

coolparadiso's picture

Yes very catchy, great hook. Clean production. Lyrics tell an interesting story and the repetitive pieces indeed do - get inside my head!

3tdoan's picture

Instant watchlist. The groove, your smokin' vocals, the sass in the lyrics, the catchy as heck hook. I suspect I'll be telling it to get out of my head Wink This is radio-ready!

helen's picture

"I refuse to want that anymore" is an really excellent, telling line. Love the bluesy sound and, yeah, you could have written 5 songs in the time you spent on this, but it sound sublime, and I know how much you love doing the production stuff, so seems time well spent to me.

crisp1's picture

Worth the effort! All of this is fantastic -- words, music and especially the vocals. Sure I'll be listening to it again. And again.

barbara's picture

Bit of genius, the guitar notes mixed with all the vocals on the chorus harmonies! It drives me mad (in such a good way) trying to tell them apart. Such a catchy song, altogether, and full of excellent sounds. Fine message of finally reaching that point of enough, where self-respects kicks in; told very well. So happy you’ve joined the fray here!!

CorinneLucy's picture

I absolutely bloody love the melody on those "woah" lines in the chorus. Your songwriting is just masterful. That minimal middle eight, just enough to refresh us for another ace chorus - flipping gorgeous song. I want it in my head.

Stewart Scissor's picture

Great stuff! Esp love that snakey winding bass line on the chorus ascending then descending unexpectedly. V nice Smile

Roy R Henderson's picture

Love pretty much everything about this! Killer hook too! I'll be listening to this a lot...

ductapeguy's picture

This is a gem. Listening in headphones and it fills the whole soundffield. Your vocals are even stronger than their usual powerhouse levels. The production, the jangly guitars, the delicious bass and the harmonies are wonderful. Lyrically and structurally, the strong is strong indeed. Love the abrupt end.

owl's picture

Dang! Sounds great, the extra production effort was worth it, it's all so nicely put together. I particularly love that up-and-down melody in the choruses and the harmonies that go with it. ps hope Indietracks went great, Tom said your set was so full he couldn't get in-- nice work!

tcelliott's picture

Dagnabbit, woman. You've done gone and done it again. This is most excellent. I, for one, am glad you produced this one as it's very good.

cindyrella's picture

So good as to be unbelievable! Awesome production, melody, vocals. Damn good song!

Cicpisces's picture

This sounds great. I knew I'd enjoy it from the opening bars. It has that catchy beat I like. Love the vocal and the good production. You set the bar high.