Shimmering Guitars

Shimmering Guitars

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Liner Notes: 

with the movie theatres closing, the Wallingford Wurst Festival is the only place left to go in seattle, where albino watusis play their shimmerring guitars


This used to be a movie town
Movie theatres all around
Its all digital projection now
Movie theatres all shut down

You can stay home and watch DVDs
Of movies that you used to see
Or step into the hot dog night

Werner is selling schnitzel
Undereath the stars
While albino watusis
Play simmering guitars

Its the weekend of the weiner
And I never eat meat
But when the vand starts playing
Im dancing in th street

In class rooms of the old school
Theye selling brownies and beer
Outside guitars are shimmering
No better place than here

Werner is selling schnitzel
Undereath the stars
While albino watusis
Play simmering guitars

Here come the Puzo sisters
Down Godfather Avenue
I ran into the Canine Head
In the back of my home room

This aint no class reunion
Its a neighborhood jubilee
The Elvis impresonator
Is singing just for me

Werner is selling schnitzel
Undereath the stars
While albino watusis
Play simmering guitars

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1st 10 sec I thought I heard The Rolling Stones (forget song title) Wink

Anyway, I like the melodic treatment and get the chorus tremolo here. Works for where u r going—like it. I like the varied tracks recently.

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Pretty wild and out there. The delay or effect of some sorts acts as a rhythm instrument all by itself. Lots of cool phrases, names or places, and people that sound poetic but I think they might be real. You're really experimenting with lots of different styles and moods this year or maybe you've always done that and I'm only now catching on. Smile

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You keep surprising me with different ways to write songs. This is one of your best I think!

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There's something magical and touching about the imagery and sense of transcendence throughout. Sonically and lyrically, it takes me to a unique, very special, almost mystical place; absolutely transporting.

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I think this is a thing we share. I love these story book songs of real life, particularly past times. you excell in this genre.

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Love the psychedelic bath of shimmering guitars and treated vocals. Really does sound like a magical journey back to the past. Love the bizarre cast of characters as well!

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Like the shimmery, 'underwater', guitar sound and the odd imagery in some of the lyrics "albino watusis". "werner selling schnitzel". Every now and again I caught a hint of Dylan in there. Very cool track.

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Very psychedelic feel, especially with the use of the delay/reverb effect. A really unique sounding place, this Wallingford Wurst Festival.

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Hey, I'm about 40% of the way through your movie memory lane book and REALLY enjoying it. (When you read on a Kindle you keep track by percentages instead of page numbers). Wink You are quite the writer--be it prose or poetry/lyrics. I enjoyed this song too!

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I'm gonna have to drive up I-5 and plunge into this magical world--though I suspect your description is more wondrous than real life could be. I really like this one. It's a completely transporting singalong sensation!

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I saw an article online this week that asked "is the use of chorus pedals dead?" Absolutely not; dude clearly didn't know what he was writing about.
Case in point: this song. The title's a perfect match for the rendition.

You can't beat a good dose of shimmering guitars, I say.