Never Gave Up On Us

Never Gave Up On Us

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Liner Notes: 

Big thanks to Tony (Benjo) for for the lyrics and inspiration for this one
..and for giving me free rein to mangle, edit and shoehorn the words so they'd fit he music

Tech stuff - Tanglewood acoustic, Fender Mustang bass, 4 free LABS sample libraries (strings, tank piano, soft piano, dulcimer), Addictive Drums


I'd been looking for something
Stumbling through the night
I needed someone to show me
Along this path of life

I'd been praying for someone
You were on my mind
I knew that you’d find me
When I opened my eyes

And I, I never gave up on love
And I, I never gave up on trust
I never gave up because
I never gave up on us

I walked through the hard rain
On a dark endless road
lost in the darkness
I was lonely and I was cold

But my faith wasn’t broken
I knew you’d come to me
Bringing the sunlight
To end my misery

And I, I never gave up on love
And I, I never gave up on trust
I never gave up because
I never gave up on us

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Oooo! How rich the instruments. Love it and drawn in right from the start. The vocal doesn't disappoint and the lyric is sweet and beckoning. And then the chorus with it's perfect harmony and melody. LOVE this. Well done! (How dare my dryer beep and disturb this perfect song! Grrrr….) OMG I really really really LOVE this song. Extra voices at the end are an supraperfect touch! Give rose

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That's a lush and lovely arrangement. Really splendid work by both of you!

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ths is only the seconf benjo lyric i have heard musicated and it shows the first one was no fluke. i have dscovered another major lyric writing takent. and of course i have always love the music of the pannacotta army, so this is a double treat,

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What a lovely sound! The lyrics are so good, and this is a perfect match. Bravo!

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I realised last year that Benjo could write a nice lyric and was delighted to collab with him this week. This is a good one. Pannacotta Army well, i click on them as soon as i see the name. In my humble opinion they are turning out a top class list of songs. Couldn't really fail and it didn't!

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so sorry to get on so late, just got home
to this stunning serprize,
TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY, you can just read my mind, for the feel of my words, WONDERFUL
can't stop playing it now,



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A hit, simple as that.
Great lyrics and musical pairing.
Awesome arrangement.
The vocals are perfect...primetime.
Like I said - a hit.
The lyrics have that heart-string-tug that appeals to most people with any kind of romantic within, and the music/vocals appeal to anyone with ears.
Such polished vocals...
Great, great job you,

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Great lyrics, as always, benjo. AND WHAT A FANTASTIC ARRANGEMENT! Man, your music here is gorgeous--and so well mixed and mastered. Terrific vocal. This song is a hit!! Really nice collab, guys!

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I'm going to comment on the lyric before listening--because The P.A. could make anything sound good. I can totally see why someone would want to musicate these words: they have a flowing feel; they move, and stop, and move, and tumble out. I can hear rhythm here when I read aloud. I especially like the line about being found when one opens one's eyes. There's a lot of cool ways to read that. Okay, the music: Dang, that's a cool groove...but you don't need my praise here. I'm sure you know what you have. Lovey all around

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The music pulled me in right off. This has a great beat/rhythm. Very catchy! Great lyrical content with a positive message on the perseverance of hope.