Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous

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Liner Notes: 

Ok, so I just realized that I have to make more songs and make them more quickly. Hence this little piece of an almost free association hodgepodge of words and music. I don't where it came or where it went.

Well, actually I know that I got the idea from a children's song by @billwhite51 called The Cow Said Meow: which is a good song.

And on to the next one!

Thanks for AbuseArt from for the audio sample.


And the cows said moo
then they said I'm loving it
and I was such a sucker
eating my last supper

once upon a time
I was speaking with animals
but I made some dealings
happy meals and feelings

where did all the cows go?
nobody knows

Nobody knows
nobody knows
why we got to eat
eat to the beat
Of a giant clock
that keeps on ticking
and keeps on dripping
chili sauce

Yeah! We gonna make some money
Yeah! We gonna roll in honey
Yeah! We're all rich and famous
Yeah! We're all cool and fab'lous

Where have all the cute cows gone
tick-tock-time passing?
where have all the cute cows gone
why what and when?
Where have all the cute cows gone
smoking with the mad madmen?

moo....can you hear them?
moo...they are calling you

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i am happy to have been part of the inspiration for such a fun ad cheerful song from one of my favorite musicians,

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This is so cool !! and cute of course Smile I was sat here listening, actually wondering where the cows were, assuming you were gonna tell me at the end... Hope Mc Donalds didn't find them Sad

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Lyrics are so weird and funny. That bridge just pops out of nowhere, then the crazy ending. What? This is crazy! Biggrin

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Lots of animals this year! Nicely done in that inimitable Klaus style.

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Love the kazoo and the free flow association and your great delivery. Delightful and quirky and cute!

This song is a ride, great changes, good melody and the ending is oof. Works well in saying a little something in a simple way. This is a great track, well done.

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It is my firm belief that we need more songs that feature the kazoo.
I really like your surrealist lyrics here.
Great playing - I like how you change it up.
Wonderful ending for sure.

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First, I've heard that song Bill did...the cow said

Looking at the lyrics...Yeah...this is interesting and I'm up to where did all the cows go nobody knows. lol..I get it now...that's too funny. Love the money honey rhyme. Smoking with the mad it. I can't wait for the audio...I'm ready now...hold. Sounds fun already. And the cow said moo....sounds great. Nice fun feel. Happy meals and Nice change up on nobody knows. Yeah, we gonna make some money. Arpeggio now...nice change here. Moo...can you hear them...they are calling you...sound effects now. Ok, that's it. Well done Klaus, I like all of your stuff. Another fun one here.

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These are my type of lyrics - whimsical and animal-centered! Catchy little ditty that could be for kids or adults. Nice finger-picking in the middle. Moo!