Driftwood / My Love's Bones

Driftwood / My Love's Bones

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Liner Notes: 

Last night I was at a singers' night, one of those in-the-round things with a real traditional folk feel. I had the idea of trying to write a short series of "traditional" folk songs - my notes included:
- murders
- love
- betrayal
- sisters
- harvest
- the sea
- betrothed women
- rogues
This song features some of the above. It may get a guitar part, but I think it works well enough unaccompanied to FiNi it and move on.


Oh my love went out walking down by the sea
A-gathering driftwood to bring home to me
The sun was ablaze in the heavens above
It shone in the eyes of my wandering love

Oh my wandering love, oh my wandering love

Oh my love was a treasure unmatched in this world
My love had a face like a soft glowing pearl
My love’s eyes were sapphire, my love’s hair was gold
As precious as all of the jewels ever sold

All the jewels ever sold, all the jewels ever sold

Oh my love gathered driftwood on each day that spring
The wind on the waves and the gulls on the wing
For we had but pennies and April was cruel
And sea-coal and rags were the best of our fuel

Oh the best of our fuel, and the best of our fuel

Oh my love stayed too long past the turn of the tide
And nobody saw as my love slipped from sight
And I’m left to wander the shore all alone
And gather the driftwood to warm my love’s bones

All to warm my love’s bones, all to warm my love’s bones

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Yes, this is absolutely amazingly perfect as is. The tune has the old folksong feel and the theme and storytelling is spot on. I was lost in time and space while listening to you sing (and that's a good thing).

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a capella is the ideal style for this incarnation of the traditional ballad, and you do an expert job both in the writng and the singing

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I'm back in the British Isles. The sky is grey and the wind is blowing off the sea. As you stand on the cliff, your hair is blowing and your dress is wet and clinging to your body. Ah...your voice is haunting...like a siren on the coast of Ireland. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

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Wow, so nice!!
Lovely lovely voice.
Yeah, you don't need a guitar part here - it's effective as it is.
And you wrote this??
Sounds like it's two hundred years old.
Excellent job!

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I listened to this the other day while driving so couldn’t comment at the time, but it definitely made a wonderful impression on me. The story, the descriptors, your vocal flourishes, the melody, all of it so in keeping with the traditional style. I came back to comment and had another listen, and this time it really struck me that you have modernized it in one crucial way — no limiting pronouns. I love that!

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I could listen to this over and over (and probably will!). Seems ancient and yet today too. Incredible!

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It not only "works well enough" unaccompanied, it shines. I followed Barbara's link to get here and I'm glad I did. This, too, has an achingly beautiful melody, all the more for your great vocal. This is tops.