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Liner Notes: 

Something i came up with while i was fooling around on the piano last night. Some noisy lo-fi shit.


Woke up in the middle of a dream
Couldn’t get back to sleep
I can’t recall the significance
It just seemed like something I shouldn’t forget.
Locked out of my own head
Lying in a puddle of sweat
I hear some noises from outside
Sounds like somebody laughing into the night,
But not quite.
Am I going crazy?

Got on the wrong train
I’m in Gloucester in the pouring rain
What a fitting end to a perfect day,
Everything always seems to fall away
And fall apart and decay
And I’m left standing alone again
In the ruins of the life that I left

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Really nice melody to this one. The lyrics are filled with that emptiness and confusion that day-to-day life often brings. Great song.

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i like the sound of if we are hearing you from a distance, still in that dream.

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Nice dynamics, the ebb and flow of it. I originally thought repeating the « am I going crazy » line might be a cool ending, but I like what you did with the ruins of the life, that was even better.