Pre-Fawmstock blues

Pre-Fawmstock blues

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Liner Notes: 

So I'm planning on going to the in-person gathering known as Fawmstock next weekend (a gathering of folks who have done 'february album writing month, better known as fawm- they've been doing these in person gatherings for 8 or 9 years now, but i've never been at an 'offical' one, tho ive been to (and sometimes hosted) various fawm-related events)

So coming from New York City, not having a car, not being a particularly outdoors/camper type, this is gonna be.... interesting Smile

there was a thread on facebook about the upcoming fawmstock gathering ,and some of the stuff from that thread kind of inspired this, (in a hopefully fun and playful way)

anyway, I guess I will keep ya all posted !


quick iPhone recording on music memos then imported to garageband for blues harmonica overdub...


Two of us with three opinions
There’ll be enough to have a minion
Heard you say there’d be ‘loaves and fishes’
Does that mean pickled herring, or knishes

Everybody’s got their cultural reference
And their own personal preference
Mix it up it’s a tasty stew
One spoon for me and one for you

I’m hoping that the heat wave passes
Before we gather with sweaty asses
(alt. line ---Hoping that there’s no heat wave
And that we’re not sleeping in a cave)
Nature’s fine, in moderation
Stay tuned for further observations

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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This is fun! I wish I could go-so many of FAWMERS I want to meet! Enjoyed this

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Going there, to Delaware. Sweaty asses and all. Looking forward to meeting you there.

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Ha ha! Love the humorous glimpse of what might be at FAWMstock! I just hope some wonderful songs, community, and memories are created and that there will be relevant stories to tell in your after the event songs! Great uptempo blues and harmonica and vocals .

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Fun tune, nice groove. Love the opinion/minion line. And that gritty harp!

I’m watching the weather closely, and I think we’ll be alright.

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Listening to this I'm thinking the dress code might be near-nude. I'm am SOOOOO looking forward to this weekend! Excited to have "New York in the house"...memories of you in DD's open mic. Smile

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Fun song! Good news...the heat wave has somewhat broken ( I didn't even have AC on today and wore leggings all day at the pool!!) Can't wait until this weekend!! SEE YOU SOON.

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Very envious from over here on the other side of the world where 50/90ers and FAWMers are scattered and thin on the ground. (on the plus side, no sweaty asses here in winter Biggrin )
Fun, upbeat song with trademark humour in addressing some of the discomforts and anxieties. Have a great time and we will indeed stay tuned!