Kevin From Heaven

Kevin From Heaven

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Liner Notes: 

Please don't ask me where this came from, because I have no idea apart from that the line 'Will I or won't I' came into my head and that's where this started.

And no, for my friends that know me, there is no Kevin, no anyone - but my very first bf was called Kevin Wink

Technical bit Sad

The next bit sounds harsher than it is - it's mainly just to ensure that we discuss the collaboration before we start, and that we are on the same playing field Smile

Please ask me first if you would like to use my lyrics, just in case someone else has already asked and has started working with them.

If you wish to collaborate with a view to the finished song being used outside/after 50/90, please check with me before we start, as I often use my lyrics professionally with non 50/90 co-writers, after 50/90 Smile

If you wish to change my lyrics, please check with me first to ensure I'm happy with the changes. I am usually open to discussion, as that is how collaboration works !

The above isn't meant to sound difficult, it's just a matter of sorting what we are doing before we start, so everyone is happy - communication ! Smile


Many thanks, love and peace,
Amanda Smile


I've three minutes to decide on
Should I date that sandy haired one
Maybe I could take a wee risk
An' go out to the pub t' try an' get pissed

Will I or won't I
Land in heaven
With a guy called Kevin

Should I wear the short and tight one
With the black top strapless to stun
Maybe I should be more demure
Subtle lure look sweet and so pure

Will I or won't I
Land in heaven
With a guy called Kevin

Don't be fooled by my apparent savior-faire
As I'm not really that Powderpuff Girl
Although in my dream world

Will I or won't I
Land in heaven
With a guy called Kevin

Kevin from heaven
Will I or won't I
Land in heaven
With Kevin
From heaven

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Is it wrong of me that I laughed when I read that you wrote this for Helen? You know, super lesbian Helen. Smile Right though, I get it. 70s punk vibe. That would be fun. I like the Kevin From Heaven rhyme. That's why I clicked on the song in the first place.

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ha ha Val @Valerie Cox - well yes I know, but it was ME writing the words Wink
Maybe she'd sing it pretending to be me ? lol

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Made me smile, particularly the choice between the two outfits. Can imagine a tongue in cheek punk treatment of this one.

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I like the rhythm in your lyric and yeah, the detail of choosing an outfit was a cool angle to write from, to intimate more of the emotion in a cool way.

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The Kevin/heaven pairing is a fun one; the use of that rhyme reminds me of a song from the 1990s by a Canadian band called Spirit of the West which has as part of its chorus --'Will Kevin get to heaven any sooner/Will father ever bother looking down?'

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Hehe, these are really fun! I particularly like the outfit verse. Any plans to write a follow-on? I want to know what happens with this heavenly Kevin chap. I hope he's worth the effort. Or maybe not worth the effort, but in a spectacular way...