Grace in a Laundromat

Grace in a Laundromat

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Liner Notes: 

Big thanks to Doug - @Crisp1- for allowing me use his fab lyrics to create this track (and to prod them around to fit my melody)
I loved the title straight away and I knew I could make something work with the words.

A few techy details - double tracked acoustics (Tanglewood and Lowden), Free LABS electric piano, Casiotone 101 and Casio M65 keyboards, Addictive Drums, Fender Mustang bass

Doug: It stopped too soon! Wink This is perfect, Tim. Everything works together so beautifully. Even the quirky photo is just right! I heard it as a kind of poignant folk/singer-songwriter tune and you showed that pop clothing sits incredibly well on it. Thank you for a great song!


I found Grace in a laundromat
She mixed her colors with her whites
She kept her quarters in a Hello Kitty purse
And said she always did her washing late at night

I found Grace in a laundromat
She wore her San Francisco smile
I washed my load again so I wouldn’t have to leave
We talked about the old days for a while

We’d lived together many years before near Union Square
I loved her but she couldn’t be convinced
She left a note that said, “Don’t try to find me”
I’ve been looking for her ever since

I found Grace in a laundromat
She said she had a cat and dog
“Cuz human beings never understand my ways”
She kissed my cheek then vanished in the fog

We’d lived together many years before near Union Square
I loved her but she couldn’t be convinced
She left a note that said, “Don’t try to find me”
I’ve been looking for her ever since

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What a wonderful lyric. You were the perfect person to pick this up Mr Pannacotta Smile
This has shades of the Beatles for me, I think. It flows along with that slightly retro sound, and was a really enjoyable listen. Will be putting this on my saved songs list Smile

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I loved the lyric and now with this music-and perfect vocals-bam! Great song that I could listen to again and again!

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Wonderful lyrics that bring this quirky character to life. "I found Grace in a laundromat' That's gotta be one of the best opening lines ever. Music is a great fit. The arrangement and production are top notch. Everything sounds just right.

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Wonderfully catchy music to accompany the solid lyric. Nice collab!

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All class. Probably the most complete song ive heard this year. The great lyric, insistent drum, beautiful melody, super vocal,, little synth/organ, little guitar fills. Top class stuff! On to the saved list

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So happy to hear that Doug's lyrics found a musical setting. And what a setting! Really enjoyed my listen.
Nerdy question: the Mustang bass is new? Very fitting sound!

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Great story, love the details we start off with. Then the revelation that she’s an ex. « Don’t try to find me/I’ve been looking ever since » then she disappears again into the fog.

This song seems perfect in many ways.

Great Brit powerpop groove, really well done, that freaking snare is awesome.

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Really liked the lyrics, found them inspiring and were considering doing something with them. But glad you beat me to it, such a great song, the intro melody is so catchy and lovely. Really like the verses. Great singing and production.

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In spite of being a rather tragic love song, its spirits are so uplifting and the emotional nuances are very well conveyed by your beautiful voice. It made me hope Grace was found again.

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Whoa, right away this song is great. The guitar gets ya, and the drums drive it so well with the gentle vocals. This is fantastic, well composed and put together. The lyrics and story as well, with detail. The part at 2:30 was very effective with the stop and kick right back in. That tambourine is tight, lol. This is absolutely fantastic, super job on this one!

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Took me a while but I'm finally getting around to listening to the musicified version of this.

What a wonderful, feel-good tune! I love this, the music is the perfect fit for the already-vivid lyrics. This has a great, sweet, retro chamber-pop sound--it's like a movie soundtrack. One of my favorites I've heard so far this 50/90

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Great work. I had to listen, was looking at the lyric myself Smile (posted in the Forums, lyrics left to do... oh well).

Anyway, just perfect.