Through Halls and Rooms No One Else Can See

Through Halls and Rooms No One Else Can See

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Liner Notes: 

Another of the collabs with my younger self, found a 15-20 year old box of min containing lyric notebooks and unplayable tapes, minidiscs and cd-r's, while cleaning out my mothers attic at the beginning of my vacation.

Trying to reconstruct some of them with the help of lyrics and notes.

The wobbly drum-machine at the end is sampled from a song on one of the other tapes that was almost working.

Not quite sure what the lyrics are about, but I guess younger me was a gloomy fellow

my bandmate Thomas K played the noodling guitars at the end, he insisted I should mute them, but I liked it so ignored his plea

I played Sigma Hummingbird acoustic guitar, Squier Mustang Bass, Casio VLZ tone, Korg Minilogue, Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano, Roland Juno 60, programmed drums and added some percussion.


I want to pick them out
those boring parts of me
Late night hours spent
Thinking futile thoughts about the end
It has become so hard
Just to sort out what's fake and what's real

What is real

I chase them every night
Sometimes in dreams, but mostly when I'm awake
Will'o'whisps and ghosts
Faces familiar, but yet unknown
I walk endlessly
Through halls and rooms no one else can see
No escape it seems
From life's uncertainties
Misery is a place
If you stay your whole world ends up grey

Ends up grey

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i like the alternating of stacatto and elastic vocals from line to line. lyrically you do an impressive job of aptring those thoughts that run hazy between waking and dreaming.. the musical arrangement also has that hypnogogic feel

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I love the sounds on this. You make quite a wonderful soundscape with the subtle layering and instrumentation. I like the way it just bursts open there in the middle. Very cool. Lyrics are definitely emo. I bet you making those lyrics into a song would have made young Mt.Mélodie smile though. Smile

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I love the picked guitar line and the younger self collab idea is so cool! The instrumental section brings in some retro flavour. Lovely track altogether, I'm impressed with how polished it is.

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Hey, glad to see you’ve goT a couple tunes up. I like the intro, great textures and interplay. Also like the mellotron-ish(?) keyboard interlude bits, and when the bass finally comes in. Nice atmosphere, building into drums and synths around the halfway point. Great bit at the end with that arpeggio emerging as things fall apart into noise.

I can read this as a song about confusion and depression, haunted by unpleasant memories, feeling powerless, the whole world is grey. Searching for meaning. Really enjoyable listen, glad to see you’ve got a bit of time for 50/90 now.

Oooh nice one, the guitar is fantastic right away and your voice is really nice on this track. The collab with younger you is a cool idea, and this is just a really good track. Nice pick-up as well, a change in feel that works. There are a lot of cool parts to this song and overall it creates a vivid picture. Great job!

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Whoa, I love it! Just beautiful...and entirely my cup of tea...what else is there to say? I really like that line about walking endlessly through halls and rooms no one else can see