The Turnaround

The Turnaround

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Liner Notes: 

rushed and there's a phrase here i'm using as a placeholder but still... another song called done.


this is not where we meant to be
this was not our grand plan

we thought we'd be the bohemian envy
of your family and my friends

here we wait
at a stop sign
we can walk when it seems clear

or risk running towards a better year
let's run to catch a better year

'cause i'm down for the big play
i'll risk it all
for you 'n me

i may be half-gone any day now
but i'll run to catch a better year
even if i twist my ankle on the way

(instr. break)

this was not our American dream
with our grill rusted out inside

we thought we were called to do great works
brewing great beer in our spare time

here we wait
at a turnaround
when we thought we'd followed the right signs

we can drive on out of here
let's drive us straight on out of here

'cause i'm down for the big play
i'll risk it all
for you 'n me

we'll make mistakes again (i'm sure) someday
let's run into a better year
even if we twist our ankles on the way

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Love the image of running into the better year and twisting ankles. Powerful lyric.

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Run towards a better year. I like that. The escapism in the song is wonderful. I like the idea of getting out of the humdrum, making mistakes becuase that's what liofe is all about. It's a wonderful theme. I like the images you present with it. Makes for a fun song.

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I feel like I’m copying everyone else, but that running for a better year is such a great turn of phrase!

I love the positivity in here of pushing on towards things that will get better and better!