On the Breeze

On the Breeze

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Liner Notes: 

Fighting a headache, but got this down. Nice skirmish. Needs gospel music.

Music added 7/29/19 - guitar/vocal/banjo


On the Breeze
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I heard my Granny's humming
Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves
I swear I could smell her scent
On the breeze, wave after wave

Memories filled my head
I could see her in her Sunday best
She was humming Oh Happy Day
Whispering how she was so blessed

On the breeze, on the breeze
I could hear my Granny singing
All those old gospel songs
Oh the gifts the breeze was bringing

I remembered that church picnic
Her best friend Mabel, all those pies
Everyone standing to sing as one
I am smiling as I wipe my eyes

Repeat chorus

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The first verse blows the roof off. Top class start. The rest finishes the story perfectly. Very good skirmish.

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Oh, I love this! And such personal meaning - my grandmother passed away two weeks ago at age 99, and I'm going to a memorial for her in Ohio this week. My grandmother was also a churchgoing lady much of her life.
This one has just the right meter for a nice, loping country-bluegrass song, Bill Monroe style. I have a bunch of songs to finish and post in the next few days and then I'll be out of town for a few more days, but I might check back in next week to see if you'd like music for this one.

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Fond memories. This is a good lyric, right to the point and touches our hearts. Fine skirmish.

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This is really gorgeous. So poignant and loving. Really well crafted!

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I do hope someone puts this to music and sings it. I know how proud your Granny would be. Delete that, she IS proud of you Smile xx

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I love this! I know my Granny would too. I had to laugh when I thought of the time she accidentally sprayed bug spray under her arms instead
of deodorant! She was a nut.
Anyhow, thanks so much!

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Perfect music for this lyric. It's wonderful old time memories in song. Good work y'all.

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Cindy's lyrics captured perfectly by Chips vocals and instruments. Hearing this, I was standing in that picnic gathering of singing. Here's to memories carried on breezes!

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Oh, I love this lyric. It's conjuring memories just from the reading of it. I love using the "whisper on the wind" perspective in this manner. It works very well for me. (I miss my grandmother quite a bit, and more of late, for some reason.)
And the music works very well. It conveys the emotion, the longing and wistful feeling that I got from reading the lyric.