Sea Breeze Drifting

Sea Breeze Drifting

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host corinne54
prompt Breeze

My goal for this was to get a chord progression, rhythmic motif, melodic motif, a beat. To be enhanced later. The skirmish version was just a sketch.

To find rhythms I looked up quotations with "breeze" "Sea breeze drifting over us" is the melody line. "Life's too short to just breeze on by" is the Bass.

The progression is based on A Harmonic minor.

Edit: New version expanded, refined and enhanced.

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Beautiful piece, it works as an instrumental very well. Paints a breezy picture. I like the motif and the chord progression. Looking forward to any developments you had in mind even though I really like what I heard.

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All kinds of images come through my head. What a great instrumental!

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I'm interested in the method you chose - you mind explaining more about the kick and the bass? Do I have it right that each hit of the kick, is a syllable of "sea breeze drifting over us"? Intriguing. I always appreciate when people use unique ideas and approaches to develop their music. Thanks for sharing yours!
This does indeed give off a breezy, free kind of feel - the fx used on the guitar and the airy pad underneath it...the fluttering bell-ish thing here and there. Also inspires me to explore A harmonic minor...I love A minor, so maybe I should mess with this.

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Very interesting way of doing things! A real learning experience. Some really nice stuff here.

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I am loving this in my headphones! I, too, often have lyrics in mind when coming up with melody lines for instrumentals.
All the sounds work so well together, and the result is groovy. And then it ends just as I was really getting into it! So I'll listen again.
Spooky, hypnotic, and dance-able is a good combo.

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Breezy feel for sure. Another successful experiment!

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Makes me feel like I'm lazily drifting in a boat, with the breeze blowing all around me. Nice!

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This pulled me in and took me on a wonderful journey. While it is notably electronic, the music had an organic natural feel with the different motifs that wove in and out over the great beat and bass lines. Really transported me!

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Thank you for explaining how you came by the bass and drum motifs - very interesting and it certainly works very well Smile I enjoyed my listen a lot.

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Interesting mix, a little foreboding in this breeze. I like your idea of using lyrics to suggest the instrumental motifs.