The Breeze Carries

The Breeze Carries

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish: s072119a, BREEZE
Host: @corinne54

I went over 27 min Sad
Tried to use only sounds (excluding drum sounds) that had an association with anything breezy or cool or summery.
Most of my time was spent looking for names of sounds in my DAW lol
Sorry for the abrupt ending...will change if I ever do anything with this one.
Went for a typical EDM vibe with the plucks and arpegs and the 4-on-the-floor stuff.
I ran out of time before being able to add any vocal samples Sad Sad Sad

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Very cool breezey sounds. I enjoyed listening. Why so many sad faces on your liner notes? Your composition is a very nice addition to the skirmish Smile

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That's very cool music for a breezy summer's eve. You got an amazing amount done in a limited time. Obviously not your first EDM rodeo. Great work.

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Very ‘cool’. One. Good skirmish. You are cranking on now! Good to see!

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Very enjoyable song-- I like the results. And it's something you can build on later if you like!

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Cool (get it?) idea - great approach to the skirmish. Has a driving-in-the-car-in-summertime vibe - makes me nostalgic for the early-electronica hits of the '80s I listened to in summers of my youth. And your sound is fresh and full, almost orchestral, totally 2019. Good one!

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This really has a cool breezy vibe about it with the soprano lines dancing around. I love the groove and beat and then food it really delightful when just the top lines dance around each other at around 1:50 or so. Really cool sections and so enjoyable!

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Definitely 'breezy' ! Love the flowing feeling of movement throught this, which of course conveys the movement of the breeze Smile

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Nice! Had a bit of a disco vibe with the hand claps - one of those breezy songs - but with a modern vibe. Way cool!