Love Lights All The Way

Love Lights All The Way

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Sappy song from late at night. Smile


I've been full
I've been full of all the world
Love light shines
Lights up all the way

May not be
We're not Spirits in the world
Even so
Love lights all the way

Can you dare
Dare to be the one you are
Deep inside
Love lights all the way

In your mind
Reason isn't dark at all
Love light shines
Lights up all the way

There's a world
Isn't not very far from here
Where love light shines
Lights up all the way

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Sappy? Perhaps. But also rocking. And I really really like this song. Might be one of my favourite TomS tracks yet (and that's saying something given how much I like your stuff!)

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I agree with @metalfoot.
You softy, you.
Rocks out, but gently.
Great lyrics.
I know I've said this many times before, but yer guitar playing is ultrafab.
Another winner!

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+1 on the fave and really liking. Could be singing nonsense and I still would like it just for the driving rhythm, multi-layered riffs, and musical hooks. Especially digging the self-synapse-connection-as-an-askance-third-verse-reference to The Replacements song I Will Dare.

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Well everybody beat me to the comment I was going to make, something along the lines of "sappy? No, too awesomely rocking to be considered sappy." If I had just read the lyrics, I might have thought so. But who can argue with a pounding, crunching delivery of a "love lights the way" message?

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What a great song! Love your guitar playing. Doesn't feel sappy at all because of the musical edge.

fresh spotless youth's picture

This is pretty great! I love the guitars and the way it chugs along. The guitar motif running throughout is awesome. I think it has a mystery that diffuses any snappiness. You give Bob Mould a run for his money here

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Great full band sound. Vocals don't disappoint. Lead guitar is AWESOME! So are the harmonies. WOW! Rock on! Dance 4

barbara's picture

Love the message, and the vocal delivery, rock but dreamy. Nice bass moments too. Cool harmony stacking. Wonderful immersive second half; I took an excursion. Downloaded!

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Tom! I haven't heard you for a long while and what a great song to land on!! Love the melody and production, great guitars in this. The sing is great for this write "Can you dare Dare to be the one you are", positive write and music....great rocking song, I loved it!!

Adnama17's picture

The melody on the verses, you sing them so gently. A great contrast to the music behind it. Kinda like, "Yeah, this world fucking sucks, but you got this."
Oh man, from about 3:00 on, that's so beautiful. I could listen to just that part on repeat forever.