Sunday Sire Jam

Sunday Sire Jam

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Liner Notes: 

Here's a little experiment. The bass is my recent birthday gift Sire Marcus Miller V3 - and for a sub-£200 bass it's awesome!

I was freestyle jamming over some drums this morning. I've made the stems available for you to do with as you see fit. Just tag me as a collab partner if you use them please.

The zip file contains the drums as a stereo bus mix with no compression. There are also four versions of the (exact same) bass riff. The variants are mono with and without compression, two channel with and without compression.


All stems start at Bar 1 Beat 1

The drums have four bars to themselves.

Bass starts at Bar 5 Beat 1 (ish... I think I slide into it from beat 4 of the previous bar) and the riffage is mainly E minor

Bar 21 shifts to B minor

Bar 29 shifts back to E minor

Bar 45, sort of G5 to A major with a pedalled E in the bass

Bar 49 back to E minor

Bar 57 shift to B minor again

Bar 65 back to E minor

Bar 81 I'm kinda bouncing off a G minor

Bar 85 back to E minor

Bar 97 and we're into that G5 to A major thing again

Bar 105 back to E minor

Bar 117 to the B minor again

Bar 125 E minor to ending.

Stems here:

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Feel that funky beat! Get on the dance floor, everyone!

Enjoyed that jam a lot! Biggrin

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Fantastic funk feel! Love that slap bass and the groove is getting me moving!

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Well I'm tempted to remix this, but I'm not sure what I could do; it's wonderful just as it is.
Really nice bass work here for sure.
Lovely funk workout.
Is it my computer, or does it just kinda...end?
This sure got me going this morning; like an extra cup of coffee!

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Great groovy funk. Loved it. Nice to have in background while working.