The Girl With The Coconut Head

The Girl With The Coconut Head

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She sleeps around with guys she doesnt want
She sleeps around with guys who dont want her
She wakes up alone in a hotel bed
The girl with a coconut head

She makes the scene in a rich boys car
While her husband drinks beer in a bikers bar
She is sweer inside the skull but has water on her brain
And her eyes go blank when he asks her to explain

She is the girl with a coconut head
Waking up alone in a hotel bed
He hates the softness of her mouth
Feels like theres no teeth behind her lips
She hates the way he jabs her with his prick
but neither one makes a sound

Repeat chorus

She thought she had him over a barrel
But she was just a greasy mouse
Who recited Lewis Carroll

She is the girl with a coconut head
Waking up alone in a hospital bed
All she really wanted was an easy rider
With a slow hand rhythm
Lke a balsa wood glider
Not these trigger happy monkeys
Who broke her like a loaf of bread
and called her the girl with a coconut head
The girl with a coconut head

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Yes, I had a buddy like like that, -- asked me why I never tried Smile hahhh... I said, 'cause I see how you are. She wants them until she has them, and Lord help them if "bind" to her, as the Action is intended... right? They're done, and become a Blues Musician Wink hahhh!!!

I tell yah... there would be no bad men if not for bad women, -- first! Wink aye!

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Whoa! Frank and not sure I've had enough coffee yet to process it all! Wink

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This is such a well told and sung slice of life sad story. Wonderful character development. Incredible insight. It punches me hard.

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It's bold and raw...the title is unusual and I'm not sure what the description of coconut head is referring to - the shape of her head or her hair? Hard hitting, seedy and sadly I can imagine, not far off a true story.

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Couldn't resist the title! Lyrics tell a sad story, but beautifully. The specificity in the third verse really hits home! I like the way you contrast the things she wants and the things she has. Excellent!

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Reading the chorus is hilarious! Great first verse with excellent rhymes. Oh my god, the second verse is quite visual. That bridge works nicely. The last verse pretty sad. Great writing Bill, you do it all and write books and other stuff...pretty good. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...vocals now...good vocals and nice pause. Good melody. With a coconut head...catchy hook. Strong vocals on the chorus. Last verse now...reminds me of Dylan. Waking up in a hospital Nice fade-out finish. Great song Bill.

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had to listen on 2 counts - 1 what a great title 2 its you! yup this is a bit of everything - almost anthemic then funny, then some depth. I love "She thought she had him over a barrel but she was just a greasy mouse, Who recited Lewis Carroll. Like JC above this has dylanesque twists and turns lyrically and musically. saving this one.

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Damn, good track. The track has a great feel to it, good melody and lyrics. " guys she doesnt want, guys who dont want her" very sharp lyric. Enjoyable listen.

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What a bleak tale, played and sung with such passion and conviction that it's even more powerful. Just abstract enough to feel universal and expansive while concrete enough to be genuinely emotionally compelling, it's completely riveting.

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I first read the lyrics and was oxymoronized by "and called the girl with a coconut head "The girl with a coconut head". Then I saw you have her there. What a miss.Those punks, bastards. Anyway, no Lima gentleman would approve of such treatment. A pyramid head, maybe.

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the girl with the coconut head was a boston girl who followed me around at an art opening reciting jabberwocky. i didnt think of her as having a coconut head at the time, but while playing with my daughter recently, i imagined her with such a head and made a wish that she wouldnt grow up to be like that girl in boston and so the girl who recited lewis carroll became something she was not and the guys who took advantage of her simply appeared out of my own coconut mind.

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The descriptions here are memorable! Straightforward storytelling hits a sad truth. Interesting to read where the ideas came from! It delves deeper than you'd expect from the title.

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This is very descriptive and well-said, very many truths and very relatable. Each word is well-placed and full of meaning. Fantastic performance with appropriate emotion. Enjoyed this very much!