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Liner Notes: 

Facebook group weekly skirmish topic was 'diamonds' - I am a certified diamondtologist by the DCA (Diamond Council of America), so this was a fun little thing I want to sing to customers when they wonder why a diamond's cost is so high. I simplified some of the reasons to make a silly little ditty!


(c) 2019 Deanna Sweidel
Ever wonder why the cost
Of a diamond is so high
There are so many factors
So let me tell you why

It takes millions of years
Of pressure on carbon
To form that pretty diamond
That’s why it’s not a bargain

If you want the best
Of color and of clarity
The price tag will be steep
For those are a rarity

Want a carat or above?
Let me tell you this
They move 6 tons of earth
To find her perfect bliss

All of that is nature
But the work does not stop there
A certified expert
Shapes and polishes with care

Whether princess cut, oval
Pear, cushion or shaped round
That sparkling gorgeous gem
Was not like that in the ground

So when you start your quest
For that perfect diamond ring
Don’t be so shocked about
The price tag on that pretty bling

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Edutainment is always the best. It's like School House Rock. Smile

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Good to write a song with professional authority! Puts a usually emotional topic in factual perspective.