Everybody Leave Me Alone Forever

Everybody Leave Me Alone Forever

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Liner Notes: 

Didn't think I was gonna finish this tonight! With some inspiration from The Killers and The Ataris (maybe a little Pixies with the guitar), here's my slapdash pop punk masterpiece. Using minimal stream-of-consciousness and back to the traditional guitar/bass/drums thing without any keys and with actually audible bass guitar. Tried to give the vocals and lyrics almost a drunken flow. Title might be a placeholder, I couldn't really pick any interesting lyrics from the song, so I picked a joke title from the notebook.


Verse 1:
It's just like yesterday
I woke up and nothing's changed
You don't have to believe this is true
But I'm gonna make it happen

Everybody's gone and you're moving on

Verse 2:
Head hurts and I'm sore
I don't remember too well anymore
You don't have to believe this is true
But you know, I really love you

Everybody's gone and you're moving on

Verse 3:
I'm drunk and I'm sad
It's not gonna work out and that's too bad
Even though you believe all my bulls***
It doesn't make a difference

Everybody's gone and you're moving on
Everybody's gone, I guess life goes on

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Totally digging the bass line. I like the driving drums as well. And you weren't kidding about it being under 2:00!. That's pretty impressive. Your vocals are surprisingly mellow as I thought you were going to come in screaming and yelling! They lyrics rather alluded to that in a way. Nice work here.

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love the way that fabulous one line chorus works, bass line is a riot and that rhythm guitar break is a perfect lead in to the final line.

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John, this sounds great! Love the pop punk groove you have and the hooky chorus. I love the simple insightful lyrics that create a vulnerability that draws me into the song.

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Great title.
Oh yeah, this is so nice!!
Lovely harmonies.
Lots of great energy here.
Really good bass line, as others have said.
I certainly enjoyed my listen!

I'm like man this song is just going to drop and rip, and then when the beat comes in the gutiar is nice and it's like oh okay. With the drums smashing, and the dynamics into the chorus. Wtf did something just suddenly click because this is a really great song as well! Like really great, you're getting crafty with the beat changes and overall this is just...real good.

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Yee Haw! The double time drums surprised and delighted me. I really like this one. The vocal melody is top notch, and I love the way the little guitar line moves behind the vocal. Top notch all around