Rats, I Hear Rats

Rats, I Hear Rats

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Liner Notes: 

Was just combining three separate lists of song ideas for car songs into one list when this musical idea hit me.


Guitar tuned down a fourth BEADF#B

[D(G)] Rats, I [G(C)] hear [D(G)] rats
[Bm(Em)] Stinking and [B4(E4)] squeaking
[Fm(Am)] Dark with tails [F(A)] dragging

[D(G)] Rats, I [G(C)] hear [D(G)] rats
[Bm(Em)] Leaves rus [B4(E4)] tling
[Fm(Am)] Chewing and [F(A)] nesting

[A6(D6)] Why don’t they just stick to the bird seed on the feeder
[G7(C7)] Or fallen fruit from mango’s mango tree
[F#7(B7)] Why do they have to sneak up on me in the dark
[E7(A7)] I need air conditioning to breathe in this humidity

[D(G)] Rats, I [G(C)] hear [D(G)] rats
[Bm(Em)] can’t sleep [B4(E4)] gets on my nerves
[Fm(Am)] Where are those darned [F(A)] cats
when you need ‘em

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I thought at first the rats were trying to steal your guitar! I guess there are rats n rats!

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Small, but perfectly formed. The narrators desire to have the rats leave him alone, is fear expressed very well. Works beautifully.

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Really well done! Love that scurrying rat intro and the well paced phrasing and delivery. It is a a little wonderfully creepy to imagine those rats running about.

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Excellent intro there.
This sounds like the rantings of a guy going slightly crazy from the heat and the rats.
Really great playing here, and your vocal delivery is effective.
Well done!

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I. Am. NOT. Fond. Of. Rats.

This song made me skittish just listening. That's what a song should do-- evoke emotions-- even uncomfortable.

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The title made me think of psychedelic-era Pink Floyd. And the song has that weird, cool vibe, too. This would be a fun one to perform.

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It sounds like they're lurking around the corner, and while the "singer's" dark obsession is constrained at the moment, his mania could take over and devolve into a screaming fit at any moment. Creepy and fun all at once!

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The sounds of scratching on the guitar strings blends perfectly with the song lyrics. Short but a lot of fun. "Where are those darned cats when you need them", lol

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I love rats! I have a friend that made it onto America's Got Talent with her trained rat circus. I like using the guitar percussion for the sound of rats feet and the line about the cats in the end.