Strumming the Guitar In My Underwear

Strumming the Guitar In My Underwear

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Liner Notes: 

Sorry for the visual, but this one joyfully appeared and demanded to be written and recorded first thing in the morning.
I had another more serious song ready to post, but this one really should come first.
And the last three verses are add-ons - I recorded the first 5 and just couldn't stop!


Strumming the guitar in my underwear
I got no pants and I just don't care

Making up a song in my underwear
If I were outside people would all stare

Strumming ...
I'm not quite dressed and I'm not quite bare

Making up ...
Had to write it quick and I had to share

Strumming ...
I got style and I got flair

Strumming ...
It's my favorite polka dot pair

Making up ...
Before I take a shower and comb my hair

Strumming ...
Gonna stay here all day in my favorite chair

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dont ever play this live. if you do, people will request it at all subsequent gigs. and if you refuse to keep playing it, they will stop coming to your shows.

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You are making Mrs. Fuzzy laugh right now.
Those key changes make me laugh, too, but I'm not sure why...
Mrs. Fuzzy and I both agree that this song is a definite winner!

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No apologies needed, that title is exactly why I’m here. This should be the official FAWM/5090 theme song.

It needs a video, of course.

Love that high note. And the Big Key Change! And the fake ending! Full of surprises.

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Wow this is charming, nice key changes and fake out to keep it interesting. This is a really fun track full of life, you sound like yer having a great time, and listening to this is a great time. Nice job!

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Wonderful campfire singalong! Such pure, joyful fun. I need to download this to listen to whenever I'm down; I bet it's impossible to be in a bad mood after listening to this!