Your Big Spoon

Your Big Spoon

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Liner Notes: 

Had written this poem while forgetting about 50/90, so just added some tunes and away we go. Tried to tweak the velocity and quantization in hydrogen this time, and leveled my vocals a smidge too, as per some constructive method/technique suggestions by ductapeguy, thanks for the insight!


Your Big Spoon
by visiblydistorted
July 10, 2019

I may not be perfect, but
There's clearly something more
Just under the surface
And I'm fond of you.

I'd like to be your Big Spoon,
Curled up around your back,
Careful not to wake or stir,
Though draped across you.

I'd like to tell you stories
That animate my face;
Hear you call me epithets,
When I delight you.

I'd like to share some time too,
The rhythm of my days
With your moves, interwoven.
Just chill nearby you.

I'd like to make some project
From first impulse to done,
A purposeful pleasure to
Work alongside you.

I may not be perfect, but
I know there's more to say,
Your shimmering eyes had hinted
My truth intrigues you.

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What a delicious listen. The haunting vocals over the polyrhythmic groove and these lyrics intrigue me. Well done!

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where is spoonman when you need him. this is a nice taste of spoons but it only whets my appetite for a whole drawer of musical utensis. love that creepy crawly vocal and the violin flying overhead.

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Read this before listening and the arrangement is so different from what I expected which was an upbeat poppy tune. The interesting rhythms and vocal effects make for a different spin on the story, a bit more complicated, a bit more mysterious.

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Whoa. You are indeed upping your game here. The disconcerting polyrhythms contrast with the beautiful lyrics.