Accidental Romance

Accidental Romance

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Liner Notes: 

I have a nice melody for this, but no equipment to record on, till the hubster gets home, and that won't be in time even for a sketchiest vocal version.
C'est la vie.

For the Saturday Songskirmish, which was, at first, on the theme of an Accident. That changed, I'm still posting this.


I happened on you
In the strangest way
Working a paper
For not much pay

You were the story
That winter’s day
And you were cool, cool
Cool to me

What you’d experienced
Was not the norm
Yet you responded
In perfect form—

You made the story
That winter’s day
And you were cool, cool
Cool to me

I tried to get some heat between us
Your acts of bravery
Inspired a kind of change in me
If we’d got close then, who would blame us?
But you were cool, cool
Cool to me

Unhappy chance brought me to find you
Unnoticed, undetected by you
I told your story
I used your words
You shut the door

You were the story
That winter’s day
And you were cool, cool
Cool to me

I followed up on you
Just one year later
Wondering what time had done
To hurt or aid you

You gave a story
That winter’s day
And you weren’t cool, cool
Cool to me

It was an accident that brought us here
But I'm still happy that I found you, dear
You’re never cool, cool
Cool to me

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Aww how sweet and romantic Smile This is beautiful and please let me know when you get it to music Smile

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"Unhappy chance brought me to find you". I kept reading that over and over. I like the way that flows. The lines that follow simply sew it up tightly. I am intrigued...I'd like to hear this it at some point it comes to fruition.

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An interesting story. Not sure I've heard that in a song before. Let us know when the music arrives.

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My nerd brain thought of Lois and Clark.
I am trying to figure out if it was a happy ending or not...and I like that I don't know.
There's tons of images in my head from this, and honestly i'm glad a lot of it is on a winter day (its hot here).
I can see the journalist/reporter, her outfit and demeanor. I can see the person who she happened upon for the story. The scenery.
Lyrics should make the mind do things and go places; these do!

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Cool Cool Cool, to me is a great hook! Works nicely throughout. A bit of surprise at the end but I just saw the title again and, ah, that makes sense. Good one!

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That “cool cool cool to me “ speaks volumes, especially following the early verses... creates such distance ... but I like how you do a 180 for the last section.

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Lovely romantic lyrics.

I too love the “cool, cool, cool to me” part, because it’s such a great hook!

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You’re a great storyteller. Would love to hear this set to music.